Academy of Champions: Soccer (Game)

WorthPlaying: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

1954 days 5 hours ago - WorthPlaying writes: "Without a doubt, soccer is the most popular sport in the world for people of all ages. The World Cup is one of the few s... | Review | 3

Pads & Panels: Academy of Champions Soccer Review

1960 days 20 hours ago - Soccer, the most popular sport around the globe, is today played by more children in America than baseball. The World Cup, which will be watched in... | Review | 3

DIG: Pele's Academy of Champions Review

1971 days 9 hours ago - DIG writes: "Ubisoft doesn't really prepare you for how weird Academy of Champions Soccer is going to be. The opening cut scene apes Hogwarts... | Review | 3


Gaming Age: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

1985 days 13 hours ago - Gaming Age writes: "Some games come out of nowhere for different reasons. Academy of Champions: Soccer isn't an under-the-radar title that's g... | Review | 3


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GCM: Academy of Champion's: Soccer Review

1989 days 1 hour ago - Ubisoft's Academy of Champion's: Soccer combines the enjoyable over-the-top goofiness of Sega Soccer Slam with RPG-like character development – the... | Review | 3


InsideGamer: Academy of Champions Review

1990 days 14 hours ago - IG writes: "The Brazilian footballer Pele is most people only known for his attacking qualities, which many believe never been equaled. A glan... | Review | 3


GameSpot: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2007 days 13 hours ago - Even though Academy of Champions: Soccer isn't a serious arcade soccer simulation, it meets its goal of providing a diversion for kids attracted to... | Review | 3

NWR: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2008 days 15 hours ago - Overly simplistic and surprisingly light on soccer itself, the game never manages to capture attention or motivate to keep playing. There are bette... | Review | 3


VGChartz: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2023 days 9 hours ago - When all is said and done, there really isn't any one particular aspect of Academy of Champions that particularly appeals. Outside of the approxima... | Review | 3


Kombo: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2024 days 17 hours ago - Kombo writes: "While on paper, Academy of Champions: Soccer sounds like the perfect title for young gamers, it's not. The imprecise contr... | Review | 3


XGN: Academy of Champions: Football Review

2032 days ago - XGN writes: "The football season is already in full swing and FIFA and PES are already in stores. Ubisoft also joins the trend and is now Acad... | Review | 3


GamePlayBook: Academy of Champions Soccer Wii Review

2035 days 10 hours ago - GPB writes: "Academy of Champions Soccer has its problems, mainly with its limited multiplayer and gameplay that's too easy for advanced playe... | Review | 3


GameFocus: Academy of Champions Review

2035 days 15 hours ago - GameFocus writes: "One of soccer's most well known ambassadors is Pele. Every fan worth their salt at least knows of him. The man was an absol... | Review | 3


Digital Chumps: Academy of Champions Soccer Review

2036 days 21 hours ago - Digital Chumps writes: "When I say straightforward, what I really mean is simple gameplay. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it all depe... | Review | 3

Tech-Gaming: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2050 days 2 hours ago - Evidently, creating an arcade-like sports game can be a challenging task. For every successful diversion such as NBA Jam or Wii Sports, there are a... | Review | 3


GameZone: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2051 days 22 hours ago - GameZone writes: "If the degree of difficulty were to be scored on a scale of 1-10, it would be an easy 10; if scored in terms of player abili... | Review | 3

Diehard GameFAN:Academy of Champions Soccer Review (Wii

2056 days 14 hours ago - While it's not tight enough to please everyone, Academy of Champions Soccer is a good enough game of football to please it's target audience – chil... | Review | 3

Academy of Champions: Soccer Review at CheatCC

2057 days 10 hours ago - CheatCC says, "Academy of Champions: Soccer is not a must-have game by any stretch. However, it is a very competent collection of soccer-theme... | Review | 3


CSM: Academy of Champions Soccer Review

2057 days 10 hours ago - CSM writes: "Academy of Champions Soccer tells the story of a young soccer fanatic who gets a Golden Ticket offer to start school at Pele's sc... | Review | 3


IGN: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

2062 days 17 hours ago - Academy of Champions: Soccer is a simple game meant for simple gamers. No, IGN is not calling you stupid for liking Academy of Champions, but the g... | Review | 3


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