007 Legends (Game)

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Hey! Listen – “Aston Martin DBS” (007 Legends)

689 days 12 hours ago - Let’s be honest; 007 Legends was not a terribly good game. In fact, it was a shaken-not-stirred dogs**t smoothie. But you know what? Even bad games... | Video | PC


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878 days 23 hours ago - You would have thought that 23 films from the Bond franchise would allow plenty of material to make a kick ass video game, | Review | PC


The Locations Of 007 Legends

880 days 4 hours ago - James Bond has visited some of the most exotic and memorable places in the world as part of his missions. Who can forget the Ice Palace in Die Anot... | Article | PC


Review: 007 Legends [eGamer]

886 days 22 hours ago - eGamer writes: "007 Legends is an abomination of a game that has nothing to do with the source material it blatantly insults. Despite everything I’... | Review | PC


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