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The Ocarina of Time speedrunning world record is broken — again

173 days 10 hours ago - ZU: Jodenstone’s speedrunning record of 18 minutes and 7 seconds managed to hold the world record for a day for a single day, as speedrunner skate... | News | Retro


Facebook fan group started to petition for a playable Princess Zelda

771 days 2 hours ago - The amazing fan response continues regarding Aonuma’s recent hint that he will consider placing Zelda in a lead role, as just yesterday a Facebook... | News | Culture


The Wind Waker HD’s “shorter crane” allows for quicker treasure hunting

771 days 3 hours ago - When discussing the improvements added to the HD remake, Miyamoto mentioned that the length of the crane on the King of Red Lions is shorter, thus... | News | Wii U


Ocarina Of Time allowed Miyamoto to bond with his daughter

771 days 3 hours ago - The Zelda creator stated that Ocarina of Time was the game that allowed him to share his love of gaming with his young daughter. | News | Retro


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Peter Pan and Link: Why so similar?

1024 days 21 hours ago - ZU writes: Many of you have a mental picture of Hyrule’s Hero pop up in your mind when you hear the name Link mentioned. This mental picture no dou... | News | GameCube


The Legend of Zelda Symphony coming to Australia

1047 days ago - Are you in Australia, and wanting to see the Zelda Symphony? Well, if you can get on over to Sydney on Feb. 1 or 2, you will get the chance to witn... | News | Culture


Aonuma upset about people acting Deku nuts during Zelda symphony

1313 days 10 hours ago - The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary concert series Symphony of the Goddesses definitely has a lot fans excited. What dedicated Zelda fan wouldn’t... | News | GameCube


Club Nintendo’s Zelda poster set sold out

1320 days 21 hours ago - In order to aid Zelda fans in their celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary, Club Nintendo released a limited edition set of two Skyward Sword... | News | Wii


Rumor unfounded, Retro not currently working on a new Zelda

1330 days ago - Retro working on a new, unannounced Zelda title? Not likely–at least not with the available facts. | News | Wii


Eiji Aonuma hints at the next Zelda game

1334 days 23 hours ago - Hyrule Historia is the gift that keeps on giving. As more and more pages are translated and vigorously read by fans, we are given more previously... | News | Nintendo DS


Link’s Awakening DX: 2011′s best-selling 3DS virtual console game

1336 days 18 hours ago - Released earlier this year, in June 2011, Link’s Awakening DX has become 2011′s best-selling virtual console game in North America and Europe. It’s... | News | 3DS


More Hyrule Historia: Kaepora Gaebora the owl from OoT confirmed as being the sage Rauru

1336 days 19 hours ago - Hyrule Historia is turning out to be a treasure trove of confirmations. Thanks to this amazing book and the fans translating it into English, we ha... | News | Nintendo DS


Confirmed: Ocarina of Time Link is a character in Twilight Princess

1338 days 12 hours ago - For those Zelda gamers out there who love to think that Nintendo actually does have this rich history behind the land of Hyrule and that all of the... | News | Wii


Comparing The Legend of Zelda's Japanese and USA sales figures

1354 days 21 hours ago - Aside from helping to transport gamers to a virtual fantasy world in which bottles contain fairies, postmen can fly, and people have long and point... | News | GameCube


Yoshio Sakamoto: Wii Successor Will Surprise and Amaze

1803 days 23 hours ago - Zelda Universe - Mr. Sakamoto was instructed by Satoru Iwata to avoid revealing any specific details so as to keep the project under wraps from com... | News | Wii


Chuggaaconroy, Others, Suspended from YouTube By False Copyright Claims

1872 days 14 hours ago - Vandals have set out to suspend several YouTube channels popular for gaming information and walkthroughs, and unfortunately, they've been successfu... | News | GameCube


Zeldathon, the Zelda Marathon for Charity, Begins Today

1901 days 22 hours ago - As of June 19th, Zeldathon has begun. The marathon will run until June 22nd at 4 PM EST, and those interested can watch the marathon take place and... | News | GameCube


Nintendo E3 2010 Roundup

1902 days 22 hours ago - Zelda Universe provides a roundup of the biggest news stories from Nintendo's E3 keynote, from a liveblog, new game announcements, trailers, releas... | News | Wii


Ocarina of Time Pushed to #2

1903 days 14 hours ago - For over a decade The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has held the title of the highest ranked videogame of all time, as evidenced by its top rank... | News | GameCube


New Zelda Wii Concept Art is FAKE

1928 days 4 hours ago - Earlier today, a scan of what appeared to be a not-yet-released issue of Famitsu started to spread around the internet, apparently leaked by IGN po... | News | Wii



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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