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Here’s how the Tingle Statue quest has changed in The Wind Waker HD

479 days 23 hours ago - ZU writes: Some of you may already be enjoying The Wind Waker HD yourselves at this point, or you may have even finished the game. For those still... | Article | Wii U


How The Wind Waker Helped Me Smile Again

634 days 17 hours ago - On the 10th anniversary of the Wind Waker's release in Europe, I share the most personal story I've ever told on the internet - about the game that... | Article | GameCube


Looking back at The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood

1086 days 5 hours ago - Depending on how long you’ve been following Zelda news on the Internet, you may or may not remember a supposed game known as “Project Deluge,” or “... | Article | Wii


Another Zelda alphabet cracked, Gerudo font made available

1115 days 14 hours ago - The concept of Hyrule having languages and alphabets of their own has actually been a staple in the Zelda world for quite some time. A Link to the... | Article | Wii


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Fan Creates $2,005 Triforce Wedding Ring

1117 days 1 hour ago - The Legend of Zelda can make fans go to the extreme mile at times, even to the point of creating something out of it towards marriage. A deviant... | Article | Wii


Skyward Sword’s Hylian alphabet fully translated, font provided

1120 days 6 hours ago - Since early screenshots were released showing this brand new form of Hylian, Zelda fans have been hard at work translating it. Hyrule Historia says... | Article | Wii


Zelda Highlights of 2011

1121 days 18 hours ago - 2011 was a wonderful year to be a Zelda fan. With the series celebrating its 25th anniversary along with two major game releases, Nintendo pulled o... | Article | Wii


10 Ways Skyward Sword Pays Homage to the First Legend of Zelda

1126 days 17 hours ago - ZI: "We’ve seen lists before of generic ways Skyward Sword references various aspects of the many titles in the Zelda franchise. But more to the po... | Article | Wii


Zelda in 1990 - Cartoons and Comics

1185 days 18 hours ago - The Legend of Zelda series didn’t have a new game in 1990, but despite this Zelda fans were not left with nothing to hold them over. The Zelda cart... | Article | Wii


1989 in Zelda History: Cartoons, Books and More!

1186 days 18 hours ago - By 1989, Zelda – and Nintendo in general – fever raged high. Although the next game in the official Zelda series wouldn’t be released until 1992, 1... | Article | Wii


1988 - The Year of Zelda Merchandise

1187 days 19 hours ago - The late 1980s was when Nintendo really latched onto the popularity of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., causing them to make tons and ton... | Article | Wii


1987 - Looking Back On Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

1188 days 17 hours ago - Imagine you’re back in 1987. Three Men and a Baby was the number one film. Leg warmers, shoulder pads, and big hair were in style. In the video gam... | Article | Wii


1986 in Zelda History

1189 days 10 hours ago - Ah, 1986. A year when Madonna ruled the charts, Top Gun and Crocodile Dundee were the biggest films, and Lindsay Lohan was still in diapers. The Ni... | Article | Wii


The Far Reaching Influence of The Minish Cap

1269 days 3 hours ago - "I recently played through The Minish Cap again. It was the first time I had completed the game (and the first time I had truly spent time playing... | Article | Wii


Memories of Majora's Mask

1271 days 14 hours ago - Despite the fact that I feel that Nintendo has jilted me these past few years, there’s still a not-so-secret place in my heart for the lover I once... | Article | Retro


Twilight Princess: The End

1468 days 1 hour ago - It is a bittersweet joy, to finish a Zelda game. A sense of victory, a sense of accomplishment and pride, but tempered by sadness at knowing that i... | Article | GameCube


Ocarina of... Love? Link and Zelda together?

1523 days 19 hours ago - And they got married and lived happily ever after.” Romantic love is important to people not only in real life, but in stories and myths. The Zelda... | Article | Wii


Is Gameplay Really Better Than Graphics?

1528 days 10 hours ago - It’s inevitable. Someone will pop into a random Wind Waker-related thread in a forum and comment, “I hate the graphics.” And then, before the threa... | Article | Wii


Majora's Mask: Who was Link Looking For?

1531 days 11 hours ago - In Majora’s Mask, Link is searching for a friend whom he had to part with after his heroic destiny was fulfilled. Many people consider Navi to be t... | Article | Wii


Zelda: Origins of the Triforce

1534 days 10 hours ago - An exploration of the Japanese origins and history of the famous symbol of The Legend of Zelda series - the Triforce. Even today, the “Triforce... | Article | Nintendo DS


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