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Has Square Enix Banned Logic?

2309 days 1 hour ago - Relax -- Final Fantasy XI will be just fine. That's what the development team said two months ago, right after Square Enix announced the upcom... | Article | 1,2,9,12


Tanaka Tires of "Fatigue" Rumors

1919 days 1 hour ago - [FFXIV] Producer Hiromichi Tanaka seems to have built up some "fatigue" of his own, and lashed out at foreign sites on Twitter today, calling them... | News | PC


Chinese MMOs: Ripping Off WoW?

2392 days 15 hours ago - For those who missed it earlier this week, Chinese company "The9 Ltd" announced a new MMO called World of Fight. Some of you may be think... | Article | 12


DUST 514: The Launch of a Better Deal

926 days ago - Zam writes: Launching today, DUST 514 promises a better deal for console gamers. But can it deliver? We interview executive producer Brandon Lau... | Interview | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Prius Online Open Beta Launches Today

1634 days 12 hours ago - The Prius Online open beta kicks off today, June 2 at 2 p.m. PDT. | News | PC


WildStar Teases Its First Content Update

528 days 1 hour ago - Are you ready for another epic drop? Today Carbine Studios released a teaser page for the first post-launch content update for its newly released M... | News | PC


Hard West Review | ZAM

5 hours ago - ZAM: Hard West, like many other pieces of Western fiction, deals in tragedy and superstition. Instead of calling on well-known beliefs like the afo... | Review | PC


ZAM: Priest Q&A with Tera's Stefan Ramirez

1740 days 20 hours ago - Following thir exclusive in-depth look at TERA's priest class, ZAM sat down with Associate Producer Stefan Ramirez to find out more about this vers... | Interview | PC


Planetside: SOE's Forgotten MMO?

2322 days 15 hours ago - Planetside was published and released by SOE in May, 2003, which effectively makes it a little over six years old. What's surprising about its age,... | Article | 12


Intro to Aion From a WoW Player's Perspective

2245 days 5 hours ago - If WoW is your earliest or "primary" MMO, it's probably the benchmark you compare most new games to. As a hardcore WoW player, will Aion'... | Article | 12


Review of Sword Coast Legends |

25 days 17 hours ago - "Here’s my short and sweet fantasy RPG buying guide. If you want a rich, unique world with interesting characters and old-school but beaut... | Review | PC


ZAM: Darkspore Hands-On

1741 days 1 hour ago - Senior Staff Writer Chris "Pwyff" Tom got some extensive hands-on time with Darkspore, an action RPG based on the Spore Creature Creator. But is Da... | Preview | PC


ZAM's Top Five Most Anticipated MMOs of 2011

1782 days 22 hours ago - Join Senior Staff Writer Chris "Pwyff" Tom as he looks at some of the major games that are coming out this year. | Opinion piece | PC


ZAM: Our Most Anticipated MMOs

2294 days 5 hours ago - Over the past few years, ZAM has felt that the number of quality MMORPGs entering the market yearly has been dwindling. Perhaps it's the fact that... | Article | 12


Elder Scrolls Online Interview With Matt Firor

618 days 7 hours ago - What types of items or services can we expect to find in the Zenimax store? The purpose of the store is to offer interested players a variety of... | Interview | PC


ZAM: Kill 10 Rats: The Modern MMO Paradigm

2294 days 5 hours ago - Have you ever wondered what the modern MMO landscape might look like if the forerunners of the genre had been different? The multiplayer text-based... | Article | 12


SWG: Being A Jedi Has Never Been Easier

2392 days 15 hours ago - In particular, one game that has always fascinated ZAM is Star Wars Galaxies and how one of the most well known franchises in geek history could ha... | Article | 12


Final Fantasy XIV Moving from Alpha to Beta

2008 days 14 hours ago - As the time draws ever closer for Final Fantasy XIV to level up into a beta, Dengeki sat down with Producer Hiromichi Tanaka, Director Nobuaki Komo... | News | PC


Drift City: A Driving MMO

2392 days 15 hours ago - Some of you might remember that a little over a month ago, ZAM was lamenting the lack of a triple-A driving MMO. Driving is definitely a genre that... | Article | 12


Will Windows 7 Improve Your MMO Experience?

2217 days 1 hour ago - This week was a big one for about 90 percent of all computer users. That is to say; 90 percent of those computers users are running Microsoft's Win... | Article | 12


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post
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