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Battlestation: Iowa Mission Pack gets launched in XBLA

3239 days 13 hours ago - Now up on Xbox Live is the Iowa Mission Pack for Eidos Interactive's Battlestations: Midway. Finally, after themes and pin-ups, we get to see some... | News | 2


Mark Rein: why Gears of War looks so good, it's Unreal...

3293 days 18 hours ago - It's been a few months past Emergence and Gears of War is still going strong, looking good. Of course, people are going to ask how and why a game c... | Video | 2


Break the sound barrier with more Sonic the Hedgehog screens

3381 days 21 hours ago - Controlling the fastest feet in the water city of Soleanna, do you think your thumbs and fingers can handle it? Dr. Eggman is, err, egging his evil... | Screenshot | 1, 2


OXM360 previews Clive Barker's Jericho

3411 days 17 hours ago - Jericho scores a perfect ten in the the scare-o-meter. Clive Barker after all has perfected the craft of scaring people out of their wits. His impr... | Preview | 2


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

New Eragon Official Movie - Gameplay Trailer

3441 days 22 hours ago - Whenever a book-to-movie-to-game title comes out, there's bound to be mixed feelings about it. Now we have the game Eragon, based on the upcoming m... | Video | 11

New Just Cause Trailer: Meet Rico's Support Team

3441 days 22 hours ago - The game which draws its premise from the real-life United States invasion of Panama, codenamed "Operation Just Cause", adds another exp... | Trailer | 2

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Console Specific Game or Not?

3448 days 20 hours ago - from First, Microsoft says Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is an Xbox 360 next-gen exclusive (along with EA's FIFA 2007) for the next... | News | 1,2,13

Canadians Get an Xbox Treat from Kellogg's

3454 days 16 hours ago - The Kellogg Company, one of the world's leading producers of cereal and convenience foods, and not to mention a common name at the breakfast table,... | News | 8

Xeno-360 Unveils The Xbox 360 DVD Firmware Patchmod

3463 days 21 hours ago - Xeno 360, the team that gave us the Xeno 360 Connectivity Kit, unveiled their latest mod for the Xbox 360: the Xbox 360 DVD Firmware Patchmod, whic... | News | 2

Microsoft Shows Off Crackdown and Xbox Live Vision Camera At The 10th Campus Party

3483 days 17 hours ago - Microsoft and the Xbox 360 made their presence felt at the 10th Campus Party that took place at the Valencia International Trade Fair. The folks at... | News | 2

First Screenshots: Clive Barker's Jericho

3492 days 13 hours ago - Today Codemasters released an official press release containing more info about the game, along with it came some interesting images. The gam... | Screenshot | 1,2,12

"Dead Rising" Banned in Germany

3494 days 18 hours ago - The sensational zombie-slasher from Capcom for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising, will not appear in Germany. Apparently the USK, the people who test the a... | News | 2,13

NME-360 Chip Released to the Public

3499 days 15 hours ago - Team Underdog has been really busy lately updating their site with FAQs and installation diagrams. It figures, the team is now ready to unleash the... | News | 2

Achievment Updates on "Test Drive Unlimited"

3501 days 16 hours ago - Much has been said about this game from Atari due out this summer. Although, the featured cars may steal the show, the core component is gameplay.... | News | 2

Xbox 360 Homebrew Emulation Via Xbox Emulator Exploit Opened

3508 days 17 hours ago - Undertakencodes found the Holy Grail of Xbox 360 Homebrewers - a hole in the security of the emulator of Xbox. He says this hole makes it possible... | News | 2

Huge Batch of Sonic the Hedgehog Images

3520 days 20 hours ago - Sega is proud to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog on his 15th anniversary this year with his very own Xbox 360 game set in the human world. As you can... | Screenshot | 2

Bullet Witch Delayed...Again

3533 days 8 hours ago - Another day, another delay for the Xbox 360's Bullet Witch. This game was supposed to be released in Japan on July 13th, which is two weeks later t... | News | 2

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Screens

3541 days 22 hours ago - Genki has just released a new pack of screenshots from their upcoming racer Tokyo Xtreme Racer, and to be honest the game doesn't look very good co... | Screenshot | 2

Official Xbox Magazine Game Rumors

3541 days 22 hours ago - According to the latest Official Xbox Magazine the highly-acclaimed PC title Enemy Territory: Quake Wars may be making its way to the Xbox 360. Sta... | Rumor | 2

"First Wave" Xbox 360 Games Under $30

3541 days 22 hours ago - Are you a bargain Xbox 360 shopper? Don't want to pay $60 or even $70 for your new games? Well, you're in luck. It looks like the first wave of... | News | 2


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

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