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Boomtown: Red Dead Redemption Hands-On Preview

2130 days 4 hours ago - A follow up to 2004's Red Dead Revolver has been a long time coming. Since the first teaser trailer was shown to the industry at E3 2005, there has... | Preview | 1,2

BoomTown Preview: Red Dead Redemption

2174 days 5 hours ago - BoomTown writes: "In May of this year we took a visit to Rockstar to view Red Dead Redemption for the first time - and a couple of weeks ago I... | Preview | 1,2


BoomTown Preview: Splinter Cell Conviction

2224 days 3 hours ago - BoomTown writes: "In an instant, Ubisoft laid waste to any preceding definition of Splinter Cell games when we heard this bombshell: "The... | Preview | 2

BoomTown: Assassin's Creed 2 Preview

2237 days 11 hours ago - BoomTown writes: "In an unusual turn of events I was surprised to find the demo mission for Assassin's Creed 2 was an assassination - the repe... | Preview | 1,2,12


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Boomtown Preview: Colin McRae Dirt 2

2294 days 8 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "Colin McRae is still firmly a fixture in this game because this game celebrates, and was inspired by, the style of motorspor... | Preview | 1,2,12


Boomtown: IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey first-impressions

2308 days 15 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "I must admit to being very jealous of Adam when he went along to the IL2 Sturmovik Birds of Prety event last week. I've been... | Preview | 1,2


BoomTown: IL-2 Surmovik - Birds of Prey Preview

2318 days 10 hours ago - IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey marks the end of the series' exclusive affair with the PC. Since 2001, the infamously hardcore aerial combat simulato... | Preview | 1,2


Boomtown Preview: Red Dead Redemption

2374 days 10 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "Rockstar has become synonymous with several things over the last decade or so – a risqué sense of humour; controversial... | Preview | 1,2


BoomTown Preview: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

2384 days 10 hours ago - As enjoyable as the first Call of Juarez was, when the game forced you to exchange Reverend Ray's dual handguns and bad-ass attitude for Billy's fr... | Preview | 2


Boomtown: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand hands-on Preview

2482 days 15 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "Ever been to a 50 Cent gig? Me neither, but evidently there are plenty of people who have, and they've bought plenty of his... | Preview | 1,2


Boomtown: Battlestations Pacific multiplayer preview

2483 days 14 hours ago - Boomtown was invited over to Eidos HQ for a chance to play two of Battlestation Pacific's multiplayer modes. From the preview: "At a glance, B... | Preview | 2,12


Boomtown Preview: Batman Arkham Asylum

2493 days 8 hours ago - This week Boomtown visited Eidos to see how the Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum was coming along. From the preview: "Altogether, Bat... | Preview | 2

Boomtown: Resident Evil 5 hands-on impressions

2546 days 12 hours ago - From the preview: The graphical presentation is superb. The animation first class and the cut-scenes well directed, but it's not Resident Evi... | Preview | 1,2


Boomtown: Battlestations: Pacific hands-on preview

2557 days 15 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "There are some games that do bring the fanboy out in me. Battlestations: Midway was one of those games. For me it recalled t... | Preview | 2,12


Boomtown: Mirror's Edge hands-on impressions

2577 days 19 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "As I stood at the Eurogamer Expo watching a middle-aged man play Far Cry 2, an unfamiliar face popped up to my left. I could... | Preview | 1,2,12


Boomtown: Hands-on with Midnight Club: Los Angeles

2614 days 7 hours ago - A welcome return for a last-gen favourite, Boomtown visits Rockstar Games for a chance to drive the streets of Los Angeles. From the preview:... | Preview | 1,2

Boomtown: Grand Theft Auto IV Hands-On Impressions

2830 days 2 hours ago - Boomtown writes: "The anticipation surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV has been so great that it actually felt weird playing the game. Not, J... | Preview | 1,2

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