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VC Reviews: Life Force

1957 days 14 hours ago - For shoot-em-up fans this game is truly worth a look. It isn't a faithful port of the arcade original particularly, but don't let that put you off.... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Winter Games

1957 days 14 hours ago - To be fair on those aspects it is no better or worse than the other entries, but the range of events is a little limiting to be honest. The fact th... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS

1972 days ago - In terms of originality Mercs is hardly set to scoop any awards, but it's about as fine an example of an old-school arcade blaster as you're likely... | Review | 3


Talking Point: Is Virtual Console On The Slide?

1978 days 16 hours ago - At the start of 2008 VC Reviews asked a few probing questions about the state of the Virtual Console and came to the conclusion that despite some g... | Article | 3


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

VC Reviews: Sonic Chaos

1978 days 21 hours ago - Hardcore Sonic fans might get a kick out of this lesser known incarnation, but for most there will be no reason to bother with this. It is an unins... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: ClayFighter

1978 days 21 hours ago - Unless you are just a diehard Clayfighter fan, this is probably not a game that you're going to want to spend a lot of time with. It's just far too... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Wonder Boy in Monster Land

1985 days 15 hours ago - This really is one of the better Master System games, despite being a bit rough around the edges in some places it has aged really well. The game c... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: MUSHA

1985 days 16 hours ago - Considering the rarity of the Mega Drive original, the fact that Musha Aleste has landed on the Virtual Console is something to celebrate. Very few... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Kirby's Dream Land 3

2010 days 7 hours ago - Kirby's Dream Land 3 could've easily been a great game - It mostly relies on exactly the same things that made the previous Kirby games so good, bu... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

2016 days 5 hours ago - On the whole this game is worth a look for Sonic fans who haven't yet had a chance to become acquainted with his 8-bit antics before. It is suffici... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Impossible Mission II

2016 days 5 hours ago - Impossible Mission II is a solid update of a classic game, with plenty of worthwhile additions and tweaks, but there's a slight sense that the puri... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Last Ninja 3

2016 days 5 hours ago - This is essentially the same classic game, with a number of tweaks and a bit of polish, but those tweaks are significant and are enough to make thi... | Review | 3

VC Reviews: Enduro Racer

2016 days 5 hours ago - The gameplay feels slow and sluggish mostly due to the strange angle of play, there is never a sense of speed like in Hang-On and Out Run on the Ma... | Review | 3

VC Reviews: Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II

2016 days 5 hours ago - It's really a shame Nintendo decided to released the game for the NES - If they had released it for the SNES, perhaps the series could've still bee... | Review | 3


Virtual Console Reviews: Best of 2008

2016 days 5 hours ago - As 2008 comes to a close Virtual Console Reviews thought it might be time to take a look back at a handful of the best Virtual Console titles relea... | Article | 3


VC Reviews: Space Invaders: The Original Game

2042 days 4 hours ago - All being said, this is a disappointing game. Taito had the chance to reinvent their classic franchise and took the easy way out instead. What may... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Phantasy Star IV

2042 days 4 hours ago - It's great to see Sega, after taking a slightly experimental direction with Phantasy Star III, return the series to prosperity with what they were... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Mega Man 3

2042 days 4 hours ago - If you're a Mega Man fan, this should be at the top of your wish list and should be added to your Virtual Console collection immediately. And if fo... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Forgotten Worlds

2042 days 4 hours ago - The aforementioned control issues are the only thing which really let this game down. It would really be preferable to play the arcade port on Capc... | Review | 3


VC Reviews: Boogerman

2042 days 4 hours ago - Boogerman isn't really special gameplay-wise - But the graphics, presentation, sound effects and pretty much everything else combine to make it a r... | Review | 3


Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

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