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Tomb Raider: When It's Not Holding Your Hand, Lara Croft's Return Is Brilliant

1037 days ago - Lara Croft is back, and she's brought an army of quick time events with her. Thankfully, they don't completely spoil her return to the gaming world... | Opinion piece | PC


What GTA V Has To Do To Regain Its Open World Crown

1089 days 8 hours ago - Samuel Horti: ''With a the release date just around the corner, the GTA V hype has begun. Here's my tips for the franchise to remain king...'' | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The 10 Best Songs From Video Games‎

1290 days 14 hours ago - Music is as big a part of computer games as bytes and pixels. Check out this list of the best tunes to feature in some of the biggest games of all... | Opinion piece | Culture


Assassin’s Creed Is A Circus, Not A Stealth Game

1293 days 5 hours ago - Assassin's Creed is murder made theatrical. Death comes not as a result of silent assassinations but circus execution. Here's why it's been misunde... | Opinion piece | PC


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

GTA V And The History Of Driving Games

1293 days 19 hours ago - In the run up to the GTA V release, Sabotage Times take a look back at the history of driving games and why nothing beats speeding around a sandbox... | Opinion piece | PC


Screw Franchises: Indie Video Games Are Where It’s At

1293 days 19 hours ago - The current state of video games has declined, and many experienced fans are feeling alienated from the modern gaming culture due to endless sequel... | Opinion piece | PC


25 Years of Metal Gear Solid: A Tribute to Shadow Moses Island

1293 days 19 hours ago - SB writes: This month marks 25 years since the world's greatest tactical espionage game was born. Here's why Solid Snake, Ocelot, Foxhound and the... | Opinion piece | PS2


Final Fantasy 7: The Only RPG That Ever Deserved A Remake

1293 days 20 hours ago - It recently became apparent that Square Enix are releasing a HD remake of the epic Final Fantasy VII for the PC, after the boss "accidentally" leak... | Opinion piece | PS3


10 Brilliant Video Game Sidekicks

1293 days 23 hours ago - It's not all just about Zelda and Mario, without their buddies to help them dodge giant mushrooms they'd be screwed. | Opinion piece | PC


The Cloud: Sony's £380m Acquisition Shows The Future Of Gaming Is Up In The Air

1294 days 1 hour ago - Sony's multi-million dollar takeover of Gaikai raises questions about the traditional console as we know it. | Opinion piece | PS3


The 10 Greatest Characters In Grand Theft Auto History

1294 days 1 hour ago - The internet melted when news of GTA V was released and with good reason. But we shouldn't forget the previous outings and the cast of lunatics and... | Opinion piece | PC


Bust-a-Groove: The Best Dance Game That Ever Was

1294 days 6 hours ago - Forget your dance mats and plastic guitars, the best ever dance game was on the Playstation and it had aliens, robots and school girls to jive with. | Opinion piece | Retro


Why Skyrim Is The Best Game Ever

1538 days 20 hours ago - Sabotage Times: For the 3rd time in as many days, I’ve found myself staring blankly at the TV wondering why it’s dark outside, why I’m still in my... | Opinion piece | PC


The Worst Film And Video Game Tie-Ins Of All-Time

1669 days 17 hours ago - "All computer games that are movie tie-ins are sh*t. It’s a universal truth. Usually rushed in development to coincide with a cinema release I defy... | Opinion piece | PC


Duke Nukem Forever: About As Entertaining as Bernard Manning

1706 days 9 hours ago - The uncomfortable truth is that Duke Nukem is probably a fair representation of many of the attitudes which still exist within the games industry –... | Opinion piece | PC

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