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Interview with the Senior Producer of South Park: Tenorman's Revenge

1004 days 9 hours ago - Harrison Engstrom talks with Sara Guiness about the upcoming South Park game for XBLA and PSN. Sara discusses the history of South Park, what was c... | Interview | Xbox 360


Interview with Brendon Cobb - Nightmare Busters creator

1010 days 10 hours ago - The creator of the first SNES game in 13 years sat down with Harrison Engstrom to talk about creating the retro title, the games industry and what... | Interview | Retro


Interview with Vita Devs, DrinkBox Studio

1025 days 20 hours ago - Harrison Engstrom sat down to interview creators of the new Playstation Vita title, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. They discuss their relat... | Interview | PSP


Grant Kirkhope Interview

1027 days 9 hours ago - Mr Pham interviews Kingdoms Of Amalur and Banjo-Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope on getting employed in the gaming music industry and the state of t... | Interview | PC


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

Check out this awesome ME3 Cosplay and Interview

1027 days 9 hours ago - Harrison Engstrom recently went to the EA Australia media event to check out the brand new game by Bioware and EA Games. The event was filled with... | Interview | PC

80° Theseis Interview with Track 7 Games

2171 days 4 hours ago - has posted an interview with Theseis developer, Track 7 Games. | Interview | 2, 12


QJ.NET previews Tekken 6 the Arcade

2509 days 1 hour ago - Who says you have to travel far to grab a preview of Namco's Tekken 6 for the PlayStation 3? QJ.NET has managed to pick up a correspondent's experi... | Interview | 7


QJ Interview: Sony Online Entertainment

2652 days 4 hours ago - QJ were recently able to talk to Nick Beliaeff, the Exec Director of Development for Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), who graciously made time to a... | Interview | 1,4,13


SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike developer interview video and screenshots

2682 days ago - A ton of info about the latest tactical shooter for the PlayStation Portable, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike headed your way in this develo... | Interview | 4


Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars developer interview video

2696 days 2 hours ago - In this video interview, Kanno-san talked how he wanted Crazy Taxi to be game that's immediately fun and rewarding as soon as you pick it up. He al... | Interview | 4

70° exclusive Two Worlds Interview

2729 days 1 hour ago - writes: "The RPG genre is one of the most immersive (read: addictive) game types around - with long gameplay hours and extensive p... | Interview | 2,12


Devil May Cry 4 interview: Dante as a playable character, DMC 4 for Wii

2790 days 9 hours ago - IGN gives another tempting look at the upcoming sequel to the twitch-based demon-slaying experience of Capcom, through an interview with Hiroyuki K... | Interview | 1, 2, 12


MySims Video with Tim LeTourneau

2806 days 10 hours ago - MySims for the Wii is a whole different take on the original Will Wright creation for the PC. MySims features cute and now chibi-fied sims, but the... | Interview | 3


Incognito Responds To War Hawk U-Turn

2836 days 4 hours ago - By now you've heard that Warhawk might be downloadable-only again, and must be spewing endless WTFs. Right now you're demanding answers to all this... | Interview | 1


QJ Interview: Legend of the Dragon

2851 days 1 hour ago - Quick Jump Network managed to score an interview with The Game Factory, the team behind Legend of the Dragon, the upcoming fighting game for the So... | Interview | 3, 4


Plans for Playstation

2954 days 2 hours ago - The PS3's not launching down under until March. Of course, that left a lot of Aussies unimpressed. Okay, more like pissed. But Sony of Australia an... | Interview | 1, 13

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