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My thoughts on the return of the Legacy of Kain series

1243 days 16 hours ago - Power Cords writes: As a gamer, I have a handful of games I hold in high regard; whether they be standalone experiences or entire franchises, like... | Opinion piece | PC


Why I’m finally excited about Assassin’s Creed again

1241 days 17 hours ago - Power Cords Head Editor and Contributor Brendan Hesse writes about how he has been disappointed by Assassin Creed in the past but with the more and... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Flash Games Worth Checking Out

1241 days 22 hours ago - A list of ten of the more fun, awesome and most unique flash games out there. | Opinion piece | PC


Power Cords - Powercast Episode 4: Mammoths and Dwarves

1231 days 19 hours ago - Better late than never! Here’s Powercast Episode 4! It’s a smaller cast than usual this week, but we still have plenty to chat about. In this ep... | Podcast | PC


PC Games Still To Come This Month

Now - We're halfway through the hottest month of the year, but there's plenty more PC games still to come, so don't go outside just yet! Let's take a loo... | Promoted post

Power Cords - Powercast Episode 5: All kids outta the pool!

1225 days 9 hours ago - Heyo! It’s episode 5 of the Powercast! This week, we wade through some recent news: RE6, new Hitman game, and the Halo 4 and Crysis 3 leaks. We d... | Podcast | PC


Power Cords - Powercast Episode 3 is Here!

1240 days 3 hours ago - On this week’s main segment, we discuss some awesome recent happenings on the site; how excited we are for Hawken; the Diablo 3 and the Paths to Ex... | Podcast | PC


Storytelling in Videogames: Something’s gotta give

1241 days 9 hours ago - Power Cords Editor and Contributor Brendan Hesse Discusses the concept of truly interactive game play and the utilization of narration and storytel... | Article | GameCube


Why I’m so excited for Hawken

1241 days 23 hours ago - Power Cords Editor and Contributor Brendan Hesse goes into detail about why he is so excited about the upcoming indie release Hawken and why you sh... | Opinion piece | PC


Power Cords - New Super Mario game at E3, and my thoughts on Nintendo’s future

1226 days 10 hours ago - Power Cords lead editor and contributor Brendan Hesse talks about the new Super Mario game announcd at E3 and his thoughts on Nintendo's future. | Opinion piece | GameCube


Power Cords - Star Wars: The Old Republic, Endgame Review

1241 days 9 hours ago - Power Cords Editor and Contributor Evan Reedy discusses his thoughts on the SWTOR endgame. | Opinion piece | PC


Power Cords - Brendan’s E3 Predictions

1196 days 17 hours ago - Just under a month away from the gaming worlds biggest trade show, E3, where the biggest announcements from the biggest companies are made each yea... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Power Cords - A Love Letter to Super Metroid

1232 days 21 hours ago - If you should know one thing about Power Cords Lead Contributor and Editor is that he absolutely loves the Metroid series. Tune in to see why he fe... | Opinion piece | Wii


Power Cords - Dishonored: Revenge Solves Everything

1179 days 21 hours ago - Power Cords Contributor Evan Reedy does a quick run down of the upcoming Bethesda game, Dishonored, and explains just why you should be excited abo... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Power Cords: Halo 4 Demo and Discussion

1174 days 5 hours ago - Marshal Ellison of Power Cords walks through the E3 Halo 4 demo and discusses what the demo reveals and just why he is so stoked for the Halo serie... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Power Cords - Game of the Week: Unreal Tournament 2004

1233 days 2 hours ago - Power Cords Lead Editor and Contributor Brendan Hesse discusses Unreal Tournament 2004 and exactly why it is one of his favorite games of all time. | Opinion piece | PC


Power Cords: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Review

1180 days 8 hours ago - Power Cords takes a look at The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, and like what they see. Power Cords: "How often in a role playing g... | Review | PC


Power Cords: A Link to the Past Retro-Review

1180 days 11 hours ago - Power Cords returns to their roots to review fan-favorite, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and how it stands up to today's gaming standards. | Review | Retro


Power Cords: Diablo 3 Review

1180 days 8 hours ago - Brendan Hesse, Editor at Power Cords, gives an in depth review of Diablo 3, and touches on some of the controversy surrounding the launch. | Review | PC


Power Cords on Diablo 3's record breaking success

1180 days 8 hours ago - Diablo 3 has gone on to be one of the fastest selling games of all time. What does this mean for Blizzard, Diablo, and PC gaming in general. Power... | Opinion piece | PC


Power Cords: Apparently videogames are just as bad as porn

1180 days 4 hours ago - Power Cords' editor Brendan Hesse offers his thoughts on a recent CNN article that purports video games are just a damaging to men as porn. | Opinion piece | Culture



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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