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Power Cords: Shootin' the Sh*t - The Unfortunate Process of Disillusionment

981 days 13 hours ago - Power Cords founding editor Brendan Hesse opens up about his thought on the recent gaming press corruption scandal, and how if affects all readers,... | Opinion piece | Industry


Power Cords - Halo 4 Mechs?

1047 days 12 hours ago - Marshal from notices a little detail in 343's newest video. | Image | Xbox 360


Brendan’s Top 7 Games with excellent art design

1144 days 11 hours ago - This week, Power Cords is getting artsy-fartsy. What follows are a selection of what Brendan feels are the best art styles ever seen in gaming. Thi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Power Cords: Next-Gen? No Thanks.

1064 days 1 hour ago - Power Cords editor Brendan discusses his reservation about the prospect of a new console, and why we don't even need new hardware in the first place. | Opinion piece | Next-Gen


At a Glance: Kitfox Games

Now - Kitfox Games is an Indie studio out of Montreal comprised of five people from different countries with their own strengths and talents. With their... | Promoted post

Why We Could Use a (Small) Collapse of the Gaming Industry.

831 days 17 hours ago - Power Cords editor Brendan analyses the current state of games as we slowly approach the next console generation, and offers some reasons why a sma... | Opinion piece | Industry


Power Cords - Hey-o, Powercast 7 is here!

1144 days 10 hours ago - This week, the Power Cords cast goes over Marshal’s Top 10 animated movies, and Brendan's Top 7 games with great art design. After, they transition... | Podcast | Culture


Power Cords - Path of Exile Beta

1180 days 5 hours ago - Power Cords Editor and Contributor Kyle Schiedler goes over his experience with the Path of Exile beta and just exactly why he loves this game and... | Opinion piece | PC


Power Cords - Powercast Episode 8: Prom-e3-us

1117 days 15 hours ago - In this episode Marshal joins Nick and Brendan in the studio for an in-depth discussion on Prometheus, upcoming movies, and all the big news and ga... | Podcast | Wii U


Power Cords: E3 Day 1 Wrap Up: Games and Press Conferences

1126 days 9 hours ago - Power Cords' editor Brendan Hesse gives his opinions on E3 2012 day one -- the games, the conferences, and announcements. "It’s heeere! The most... | Opinion piece | E3

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