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E3 2012: Previews Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

752 days 13 hours ago - Paul Fierce writes: "Overall, I was overly impressed. The learning curve was easy, the graphics and animation delivered what the title has been... | Preview | Xbox 360


[E3 2011] Amy Preview by

1118 days 14 hours ago - Oly sat down at E3 with Lexis Numérique to preview their upcoming title Amy. He said that he wasn’t expecting much from the game, but that he was w... | Preview | PS3


[E3 2011] Hands On – Starhawk

1119 days 18 hours ago - The line for Starhawk was never very long at E3 for some odd reason. Tosh usually just had to wait for the current game to finish for his turn at t... | Preview | PS3


[E3 2011] Hands On – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

1121 days 6 hours ago - In the demo you can control a helicopter or a fighter jet. First Tosh tried out the helicopter, the battle takes place in a city. You assist other... | Preview | E3


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

[E3 2011] Hands On – Uncharted 3 Multiplayer / Co-op

1121 days 6 hours ago - writes: Line for Uncharted 3 at E3 was always long which was a good sign. More so I bet because you got a cool t-shirt and a code to u... | Preview | PS3


Some Mortal Kombat Updates

1198 days 22 hours ago - This post is a good review of all the Mortal Kombat information released so far for the PS3. It also contains many videos of the game in one conven... | Preview | PS3


PAX East 2011 | Battlefield 3 Impressions

1214 days 10 hours ago - Luke from writes: So the demo starts of several seconds before the video below which I am sure most of you have seen. The only thing th... | Preview | PC

130° - Orcs Must Die! Hands-On Preview

1231 days 11 hours ago - Jay, from, says: "The team invited us to their development studio in Plano, Texas last week to show us, which was referred to at the ti... | Preview | PC

50° Hands On With Under Siege

1305 days 18 hours ago - Trev writes: What makes Under Siege different from other RTS games is that it has been designed for the casual as well as the hardcore gamer. This... | Preview | PS3


TRON: Evolution Multiplayer Impressions Preview

1368 days 17 hours ago - At the Tron Evolution preview, Ravenitrius from was engaged in mortal combat with other combatants. The first mode, he started with was... | Preview | PS3


Sports Champions Gladiator Duel Split Screen Game Play

1394 days 17 hours ago - When Mairondil from picked up Sports Champions the other day, he was blown away with the Gladiator Duel that was in it. He said to my f... | Preview | PS3


PS3Blog | PlayStation Move Experience

1409 days 23 hours ago - Writer mairondil talks about his experiences with the PlayStation Move after winning a Move House Party. He includes impressions of the demos avail... | Preview | PS3


SmackDown vs Raw 2011 – Hands-On and Impressions!

1421 days 23 hours ago - This past weekend, was invited to Los Angeles for some hands-on time with THQ’s latest SmackDown vs Raw title. There was a lot to take... | Preview | Xbox 360

30° Impressions of MAG Beta

1640 days 3 hours ago - Compared to the other great competitive multiplayer shooters on PS3 (Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2 are among the best), MAG is defi... | Preview | 1

20° God Of War III Demo Impressions

1710 days 14 hours ago - My my Kratos, what a pretty boy you are. Although you wouldn't say this to his face through fear that he would disembowl you before ripping your ey... | Preview | 1

10° Borderlands First Impressions

1718 days 4 hours ago - writes: As far as the eye sees, only sand and rock. Plus maybe a skag or two trying to rip out your entrails! Ga!!!!! If... | Preview | 1


FIFA 10 Demo Impressions.

1763 days 7 hours ago - Trev at says: FIFA 10 Demo hit the PSN and offers up a full match between any of 6 teams; Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus,... | Preview | 1


Need for Speed Shift Hands On - PS3 Blog

1768 days 1 hour ago - From PS3 Blog: "For the uninitiated, Need for Speed: Shift is not your typical NFS title. Fundamentally, you still race those cars you dr... | Preview | 1,2


PS3Bn: KZ2 Demo Impressions Redux

1979 days 20 hours ago - PS3Bn update: "I seem to have brought out the worst in a lot of people with my last post about what I thought of the Killzone 2 demo. So be it... | Preview | 1


PS3 Blog: Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

1981 days 12 hours ago - Okay, PS3 Blog just played through the Killzone 2 demo. It's a very short experience. They died 5 times and had to redo parts, and it still took th... | Preview | 1


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