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OC Modshop: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

2217 days 23 hours ago - The game itself starts in Savannah Georgia and ends in New Orleans during a viral zombie outbreak. The campaign available in the demo is "The... | Preview | 2,12


Lost Planet 2 Hands On at

2265 days 2 hours ago - have posted their hands on playtest of Lost Planet 2 at PAX 09. They loved what they saw and really enjoyed the editing features. | Preview | 1,2,12


Resident Evil 5 PC Preview at

2265 days 2 hours ago - have posted their preview of the PC version of Resident Evil 5. They loved the enhanced graphics for those lucky enough to have a sys... | Preview | 12

10° Previews Tekken 6

2265 days 2 hours ago - looks at Tekken 6 and calls it something fans will love but not something to bring new fans to the series. | Preview | 1,2,12


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TMNT Smash Up Preview at

2275 days 3 hours ago - have posted their hands on impressions of the pending Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Smash Up. The Wii only game pushes the limits of th... | Preview | 3


Dante's Inferno Hands on at

2275 days 3 hours ago - got a chance to play Dante's Inferno at PAX 2009. The game is a pending title from EA that is based upon the literary work that descr... | Preview | 1, 2, 12


New Super Mario Bros Wii preview from

2275 days 3 hours ago - have posted their impressions of the new Super Mario Bros. Wii from PAX 09. The game is a updated version of the classic console and... | Preview | 3


Read Dead Redemption First Look at

2275 days 3 hours ago - have posted their thoughts on the pending Red Dead Redemption from PAX 2009. The Western themed shooter from Rockstar. Amidst ultra t... | Preview | 1,2,12


Darkest of Days Preview at

2275 days 3 hours ago - have posted their preview of Darkest of Days from PAX 2009. | Preview | 2,12


God of War 3 PAX 09 Hands on at

2275 days 3 hours ago - have posted their hands on of the pending Sony PS 3 game God of War 3 from PAX 09. The ultra violent game is one of the biggest exclu... | Preview | 1


[OC]ModShop: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Hands On

2637 days 22 hours ago - OCMS: "Cooking Mama is one of the most unlikely casual gaming hits in recent memory. The goal of the game is to basically prepare culinary de... | Preview | 3,5


[OC]ModShop: Gears of War 2 Hands-On

2637 days 23 hours ago - OCMS: "If for no other reason, you should have been at PAX this year simply to play the game that is sure to be a monster success. Gears of W... | Preview | 2


[OC]ModShop: Rise of the Argonauts: Hands on

2637 days 23 hours ago - OCMS was able to take a test build of "Rise of the Argonauts" by Codemasters for a quick run at PAX and walked away mildly amused. | Preview | 1,2,12


[OC]ModShop: Stoked Preview

2638 days ago - Destineer is a well-known publisher of some unusual games, and has primarally focused on the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms. As such, many of their... | Preview | 2

[OC]ModShop: Damnation: Hands On Preview

2638 days ago - Damnation was on hand at PAX and OCMS spent a little hands on time with the 3rd person shooter. | Preview | 1,2,12

[OC]ModShop: Warhammer Online Hands-On

2638 days ago - Following the footsteps of World of Warcraft comes yet another MMORPG to grace the hard drive of your computer. For the casual gamer in all of us... | Preview | 12


OCModShop: Left 4 Dead - We Played It

2646 days 22 hours ago - Patrick Holloway writes, "Get ready for something…original. Left 4 Dead had a kiosk set up in PAX and we were fortunate enough to get our... | Preview | 2,12

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