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Apple vs. Sony: Why PSP is Better Than iPhone

2519 days 12 hours ago - The Sony PSP and Apple's iPhone are great little devices, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Apple is starting to tout the gaming capab... | Article | 4, 5, 6, 13


Left 4 Dead Used as Training Simulator by Military

2428 days 3 hours ago - [OC]ModShop writes: "If you've ever been to Idaho, you'll agree with me that's it's a nice place to visit. They have more potatoes than anyon... | Article | 2,12


Lost Odyssey and Bad Gaming

2581 days 21 hours ago - OCMS: "So I finished Lost Odyssey. Well, slaved away to the end would be more accurate. As much of an advocator of storytelling in video games... | Article | 2,11


How to overclock your Sony PSP

2519 days 9 hours ago - OCMod writes: "I don't need to spell out for you what it means that the most powerful handheld gaming device is factory underclocked. The... | Article | 4


See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

[OC] Mod Shop: Killzone 2 Review

2487 days 19 hours ago - Sony and Guerilla games have combined to produce the first must have game for 2009. Killzone 2 is a non-stop thrill ride that is easily the best fi... | Review | 1


How to repair your PSP's LCD

2428 days 4 hours ago - [OC]ModShop writes: "Recently, I finally ponied up the funds to get myself a new PSP. To be specific, I bought this thing for the ability to... | Article | 4


Evercool Xfan 360: Review

3027 days 8 hours ago - The Xbox 360 is arguably the hottest-running console ever created, and as such has been subject to shutdown and overheating problems. Fortunately t... | Review | 2,13


Complete Resident Evil 5 walkthrough at

2450 days 2 hours ago - The folks at have wasted no time with the latest resident evil game, as they have posted their complete walkthrough for Resident Evil... | News | 1,2


Why PSP is better than iPhone

2613 days 9 hours ago - [OC]ModShop's Jenna Morgan writes: "We all know that the iPhone has a lot of features, but does it do them all well? I still carry around... | Article | 4,6,11


F.E.A.R. 3 Review at

1597 days 14 hours ago - have posted a review of F.E.A.R. 3 and liked what they saw. | Review | PC


Gears of War 2 Launch Party Pics and Video From

2576 days 16 hours ago - The Folks over at have posted a great article with pictures and video on the Gears of War 2 launch event in Bellevue, WA. For those w... | News | 2

80° reviews Haze

2737 days 23 hours ago - runs a review of the new 3D shooter Haze by staff writer and Skewed and Reviewed editor Gareth Von Kallenbach | Review | 1


OCModShop: Champions Online Interview

2581 days 19 hours ago - OCMS writes: "Recently I had the chance to speak with Randy Mosiondz, lead designer for Champions Online about the pending Super Hero MMOPG th... | Interview | 12


OCModShop Review: Resistance: Retribution

2446 days 19 hours ago - OCModShop.Com Writes: "This volume of the Resistance story takes place in the weeks after the fall of the Chimeran toiwer at the end of R... | Review | 4


Five Things to Make Final Fantasy XIII Not Suck

2125 days 16 hours ago - It's no secret that Square-Enix isn't the juggernaut they once were during the PS1 and PS2 eras. That's not to say they aren't a respected company,... | Article | 1,2


OCModShop: Left 4 Dead - We Played It

2645 days 6 hours ago - Patrick Holloway writes, "Get ready for something…original. Left 4 Dead had a kiosk set up in PAX and we were fortunate enough to get our... | Preview | 2,12


Kane's Wrath review from Ocmodshop

2788 days 22 hours ago - A review and screenshots of the new Command and Conquer add on Kane's Wrath. | Review | 12


[OC]ModShop: Gears of War 2 Hands-On

2636 days 7 hours ago - OCMS: "If for no other reason, you should have been at PAX this year simply to play the game that is sure to be a monster success. Gears of W... | Preview | 2


OCModShop: Evercool Formula 2 VGA Cooler Review

2588 days 19 hours ago - OCModShop writes: "If you are a PC gamer (or computer enthusiast for that matter), then you no doubt are constantly keeping on top of the curv... | Review | 12,14


10 Benefits of Video Games

2338 days 8 hours ago - Gaming both video and computer has become more than a fad, it is a part of life. First generation video game players have now become adult and carr... | Article | 11


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

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