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The Forgotten Games Of E3 2014

47 days 13 hours ago - Not every game at E3 can be popular. What are the forgotten games that deserve to be remembered? gives a few examples. | Opinion piece | E3


Sony At E3: Shawn Layden Review - Can He Beat Jack Tretton?

48 days 4 hours ago - NowGamer: "Jack Tretton was a bit of a favourite among the internet masses. Something about his persona struck a chord with gamers, and when news o... | Opinion piece | E3


Sony At E3: 'We Focused More On Innovation'

48 days 9 hours ago - NowGamer: "Everyone likes to talk about who they thought 'won' E3, and E3 2014 will be no different. Naturally Sony is going to pick itself, but al... | News | PS3


Xbox One: Has Microsoft's E3 Changed Perceptions?

48 days 13 hours ago - NowGamer: "With Microsoft trying to close the gap on the PS4, we ask whether E3 has helped the company to change perceptions about the Xbox One." | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Why Should Gamers Be Disappointed With E3 2014?

50 days 4 hours ago - NowGamer: "The five key conferences of E3 2014 have now been and gone, and there’s a greater sense of apathy towards the industry’s biggest event o... | Opinion piece | E3


Has Nintendo Saved The Wii U?

50 days 5 hours ago - NowGamer asks if, on the heels of a great E3 showing, Nintendo has done enough to save the struggling Wii U console. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Conker Xbox One Tease: Team Dakota On 'Letting Fans Down'

50 days 16 hours ago - NowGamer: "After fans were left disappointed by what they thought was a Conker reveal, Project Spark developers Team Dakota have offered their pers... | News | Xbox One


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review - NowGamer

56 days 21 hours ago - NowGamer: "Playing Murdered: Soul Suspect is a peculiar experience, and not in ways that its creators intended. A smorgasbord of half-baked (and in... | Review | PC


Wolfenstein: The New Order Review | NowGamer

66 days 16 hours ago - Wolfenstein: The New Order is an excellent example of how to reinvent an old franchise, and one of the best shooters on PS4 and Xbox One. | Review | PC


Uncharted: Naughty Dog on the evolution of the series

69 days 14 hours ago - Naughty Dog's Evan Wells talks about the evolution of Uncharted as we anticipate the release of Uncharted 4 on PS4. | News | PS3


Half-Life 3 Is 'Being Worked On', Confirms Counter-Strike Creator

69 days 16 hours ago - NowGamer: "Ex-Valve developer and creator of Counter Strike Le Minh has revealed that, yes, Half-Life 3 is a thing." | News | PC


MMOs Could Be Killed By Player's Hunger

69 days 20 hours ago - SOE's Clint Worley says that the likes of World of Warcraft are under threat from player's hunger for new content. | News | PC


'Games Nowhere Near Film' Says David Cage

70 days 2 hours ago - Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage says that videogames still have some way to go to catch up with film. | News | PS3


Why We Should Be More Critical Of Kickstarter

70 days 22 hours ago - NowGamer: "The issues around Kickstarter, early access and other methods of are crowdfunding are only getting more complex. We argue that we should... | Opinion piece | Industry


Mario Kart 8 Review | NowGamer

76 days 15 hours ago - One of the best Mario Kart games for a while, but doesn't really offer anything the series hasn't seen before. | Review | Wii U


Why Dropping Kinect Doesn't Help Microsoft's Attitude Problem

77 days 13 hours ago - NowGamer: "We consider the extent to which dropping Kinect will help Microsoft sell more Xbox Ones, arguing that the company also needs to work on... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Too Cynical?

83 days 12 hours ago - NowGamer: "We consider the extent to which the cynicism around Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is justified, asking whether the series cares about i... | Opinion piece | PC


How To Fix Horror Games

83 days 17 hours ago - NowGamer: "We reviewed Daylight last week, and by god, it was plops. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it represented everything about modern h... | Article | PC


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Everything We Know

84 days 15 hours ago - NowGamer: "We've analysed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's reveal trailer and sifted through information posted online to bring you everything we k... | Article | PC


Telltale Projects Coming To PS4 & Xbox One According To Job Listing

85 days 13 hours ago - NowGamer: "The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and upcoming titles Game of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands look like they'll be coming to PS... | News | PS4


ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

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