Source : : Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro style

1862 days 15 hours ago - N-Sider: I'd first heard about a new Donkey Kong Country game, made by Retro Studios, via the rumor mill mere hours before Nintendo's press confere... | Preview | Wii


N-Sider: NBA Jam First Look

1944 days 18 hours ago - Tucked in the back of the bar, named "The Press Club," a familiar logo was visible through some frosted glass windows. As the presentatio... | Preview | 3


N-Sider: E3 Impressions: Wii Fit Plus

2243 days 1 hour ago - Wii Fit Plus is a misleading title for this game, and yet oddly appropriate. It doesn't use Nintendo's new MotionPlus enhancer at all, so it should... | Preview | 33, 3


N-Sider Preview: E3 Impressions: Bayonetta

2245 days 9 hours ago - N-Sider: In 2001, Director Hideki Kamiya put together Devil May Cry, an action game that has been endlessly copied, innovated upon, ripped off, a... | Preview | 2


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate Independence Day with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

N-Sider Preview: E3 Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

2245 days 12 hours ago - N-Sider: It's hard to say much about how the single-player experience will coalesce, but with a multiplayer experience so enjoyable, you could fo... | Preview | 3


N-Sider Preview: E3 Impressions: Red Steel 2

2245 days 12 hours ago - Red Steel 2 seems to be a case of ambition outpacing ability, at least in its show-floor form. Combo sword and gun slingin' sounds good on paper, b... | Preview | 33, 3


N-Sider Preview: E3 Impressions: Muramasa

2245 days 12 hours ago - At first glance it's easy to dismiss Muramasa: The Demon Blade (known as Hazy Muramasa in Japan) as "that game that looks like Odin Sphere,&qu... | Preview | 33,3


N-Sider Preview: E3 Impressions: Wii Sports Resort

2245 days 12 hours ago - N-Sider: Wii Sports Resort contains twelve "sports," with each one containing a variety of events. For instance, the Swordplay category... | Preview | 3


Elebits 2 demo suggests a full-fledged adventure

2401 days 22 hours ago - N-Sider: "There really needs to be a better way to inform people when there are new DS demos available on the Nintendo Channel. Case in point:... | Preview | 5

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