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The Last of Us Trailer Rendered in Real Time on The PS3

1446 days 2 hours ago - That trailer you saw for The Last of Us was no CGI gimmick. Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells tweets that it was rendered in real time on the PS3... | News | PS3


No Super or Ultimate Versions of Street Fighter x Tekken Says Capcom

1477 days 11 hours ago - Jake "Sharky" T. Writes: "I was one of the initial purchasers of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I was slighted when an add-on filled “sequel” was announced j... | News | PC


Hideo Kojima thinks buying the MGS HD Collection is Funny

1478 days 1 hour ago - Apparently, Hideo Kojima laughs in the face of his fans who decide to buy his games. In his world, having childhood memories is extremely laughable... | News | Industry


GTA V: What We Know

1484 days 13 hours ago - GTA V has been officially unveiled after a highly anticipated trailer setting the story back in San Andreas. Let's take a moment to separate fact f... | News | PC


The Five Must-Play Exclusives for Xbox One in 2016

Now - With the holidays quickly wrapping up in 2015, it is time to look to the future. 2016 is already shaping up to be massive for games, and both Sony... | Promoted post

New Game Releases For Week of October 31st

1486 days 10 hours ago - Its another week, another long list of games. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception seems to be the biggest game, though there are a few following close.... | News | PC


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Capcom Character Changes Revealed

1486 days 12 hours ago - Whenever a new fighter sequel comes out, there are always some tweaks that the developer makes to improve upon the next title. Marvel vs Capcom 3 i... | News | Xbox 360


Asura's Wrath Release Date Confirmed

1488 days 13 hours ago - Asura’s Wrath introduces a brand new style of action game that combines intense combat with seamless player-controlled narrative. Find out when... | News | Xbox 360


Best Buy’s CinemaNow Available On PS3

1492 days 3 hours ago - Sony has announced that CinemaNow, Best Buy’s digital movie service, is now available on the PlayStation Network for users in the United States on... | News | PS3


Mark Hamill is "a dirty liar" says Rocksteady

1492 days 12 hours ago - Mark Hamill, a classic voice of the joker in not only Batman: Arkham City, but countless other Batman series, recently announced his retirement. Ho... | News | PC


Mario Kart 7 Steering Peripheral: First Images

1492 days 23 hours ago - Well, for those of you who liked the second analog stick, you are going to love this. In accordance with Mario Kart 7, Nintendo is going to release... | News | 3DS


Get $10 Off EA NCAA Football 12

1495 days 5 hours ago - For fans of college football who hope to get a little but of many off you copy of EA NCAA Football 12, I am happy to say I have excellent news for... | News | Xbox 360


Soul Calibur 5 Release Date Revealed

1496 days 5 hours ago - With a lot of news coming in about the upcoming title Soul Calibur V, it was only a matter of time until a release date was given. Namco Bandai has... | News | Xbox 360


Irrational's Ken Levine on Bioshock's Final Boss & Infinites Solution

1499 days 1 hour ago - An interview with Ken Levine that has him talking about Bioshock's Final Boss, as well as how they are planning on fixing it in Bioshock Infinite. | News | PC


Wrong Reports on Skyward Sword : No Left Handed Mode

1500 days 5 hours ago - IGN Reported on whether Skyward Sword would have a left handed mode. It turns out that they were wrong. | News | Wii


DMC HD Hits Amazon for Pre-Order for 39.99 w/ Free Shipping

1500 days 7 hours ago - Devil May Cry HD collection was officically announced today, and it is already being made available for pre-order from some major outlets. Amazon h... | News | Xbox 360


Silver is Revealed for Sonic Generations as a "Rival"

1506 days 14 hours ago - We have already been told about both Metal Sonic and Silver, but now we have a new rival joining the mix! Here are some new screens that feature th... | News | PC


Batman Arkham City DLC Priced And Dated

1507 days 10 hours ago - We already knew that Arkham City would have DLC but now we know how much its going to cost and when we can expect it to drop. | News | Xbox 360


Three New Fighters Join Street Fighter x Tekken

1510 days 8 hours ago - Capcom tweeted that there are THREE, count em, THREE new Street Fighter x Tekken characters coming to the roster. Announced at Comic Con New York,... | News | Xbox 360


Nintendo Getting 3rd Party Support with the Wii U

1511 days 4 hours ago - Nintendo gains support from EA in regards to their new system, the Wii U. How will this work for Nintendo? | News | Wii U


Infinity Blade 2 Announced At iPhone Press Conference

1513 days 8 hours ago - During Apple’s iPhone press event, Epic Games subsidiary Chair Entertainment revealed Infinity Blade 2, follow-up to its 2010 Unreal Engine 3-based... | News | iPhone


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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