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GT Racing 2 Review | Mac|Life

806 days ago - While it doesn’t stray far from genre conventions, GT Racing 2 is competently executed and fun to play. There may be higher-profile racers on iOS,... | Review | iPhone


Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous Review | Mac|Life

806 days 17 hours ago - Take Redonkulous lightly at your peril – the gameplay here is hardcore with a vengeance. | Review | iPhone


Oceanhorn Review | Mac|Life

806 days 19 hours ago - Though not perfect, Oceanhorn delivers an impressive Zelda-like adventure that anyone can enjoy. | Review | iPhone


Stealth Inc. Review | Mac|Life

806 days 19 hours ago - Smart, funny, and challenging as all get out, Stealth Inc. is one of the most interesting puzzle-platformers to hit iOS this year. | Review | iPhone


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea — Episode One Review | Mac|Life

807 days 7 hours ago - Burial at Sea — Episode One is short but compelling, offering encounters with familiar faces, new twists on old foes, and a handful of fascinating... | Review | PC


Batman: Arkham Origins Review | MacLife

833 days 23 hours ago - Batman’s supposed to be the world’s greatest detective, possessing a genius-level intellect and an endless arsenal of gadgets that let him maneuver... | Review | iPhone


Strata Review | Mac|Life

868 days 23 hours ago - Elegant and taxing, Strata is a great choice for aesthetes and thinkers alike. | Review | iPhone


Go Dance Review | Mac|Life

868 days 23 hours ago - Go Dance is a simple and enjoyable iOS dance game, though its lack of robust features and very thin soundtrack limit its fun. | Review | iPhone


Where's My Water? 2 Review | Mac|Life

868 days 23 hours ago - Where’s My Water? 2 provides more physics-based puzzles without rocking the boat, but a barrage of freemium roadblocks – thanks in part to the baff... | Review | iPhone


Dead Effect Review | Mac|Life

869 days ago - Dead Effect is an uninspired first-person shooter that does nothing original, proving most memorable for its hilariously awful dialogue. | Review | iPhone


Infinity Blade III Review | Mac|Life

869 days ago - Infinity Blade III caps off the epic franchise in a largely dazzling manner, though the repetitive nature of the series resonates more strongly tha... | Review | iPhone


Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Review | Mac|Life

869 days ago - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is engrossing, repulsive, and taut. The Chinese Room takes a different approach to the series, but the tone, themes, an... | Review | PC


Lionel Battle Train Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - Though it has its irritating moments, the addictive pursuit of constantly upping your rolling arsenal makes Lionel Battle Train an amusing freebie. | Review | iPhone


Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - Ultima Forever’s stripped-down approach to dungeon-delving might alienate more hardcore fans, but the satisfyingly simple battles and the amount of... | Review | iPhone


Tropico 4: Gold Edition Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - Tropico 4: Gold Edition offers hours of strategy gameplay with the characteristic goofiness that’s made the franchise so successful, but there's li... | Review | PC


Smash Bandits Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - With a smart runner-like design and plenty of free fun within, Smash Bandits captures the rush of the getaway in bite-sized bursts. | Review | iPhone


Bioshock Infinite (PC) Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - While it's got its share of nagging problems, Bioshock Infinite still stands as one of the best games of this year, on Mac or any other platform. | Review | PC


Pirate Legends TD Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - Pirate Legends TD can't quite match the quality of the game it aims to duplicate, but it comes close enough to consider. | Review | iPhone


Plants vs. Zombies 2 Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - More isn't necessarily better, though Plants vs. Zombies 2 still shines as a slick and fun free offering. | Review | iPhone


RunBot Review | Mac|Life

881 days 17 hours ago - Addictive and always changing, RunBot is great for quick bursts of fun and for those who love a good arcade challenge. | Review | iPhone


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