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Lasting First Impressions of "Smart As..."

960 days 10 hours ago - After an hour of solid gameplay and daily testing, is the latest brain training game for the PS Vita worth your time? Check out Lasting First Impre... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Far Cry 3 Preview | Lasting First Impressions

940 days 3 hours ago - There may be less than a month left in 2012 but that isn't stopping people from already calling Far Cry 3 the Game of the Year. Far Cry 3, from Ub... | Preview | PC


The OMG! Hour: Episode 35

899 days 4 hours ago - All the news of the week as well as an interview with Xbox Canada's new CM, Raj Patel, make up for a great new episode of The OMG! Hour podcast. | Podcast | Xbox 360


A Murder Mystery - Persona 4 Golden Review | Lasting First Impressions

924 days 12 hours ago - Sean of Lasting First Impressions writes "Atlus has done an amazing job with Persona 4 Golden." "The story is crafted magnificently, even if it... | Review | PS Vita



Now - The community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. | Promoted post

Making Fitness Fun - First Impressions of Your Shape 2012

1332 days 1 hour ago - Lasting First Impressions takes their usual look at Ubisoft's update to their popular fitness title, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012. | Review | Xbox 360


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [Lasting First Impressions]

948 days 23 hours ago - Sony has access to a large cornucopia of fantastic characters and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a game that’s long overdue. Lasting First... | Preview | PS3


Wonderbook: Book of Spells - Lasting First Impressions

954 days 9 hours ago - Lasting First Impressions sat down (literally) with Wonderbook: Book of Spells to see if this new form of AR is worth picking up for the younger pl... | Opinion piece | PS3


Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: Lasting First Impressions

959 days 2 hours ago - Professor Layton has returned, this time in full 3D. Is this game worth your time and money? Does it stay true to the games we've come to love? Las... | Preview | 3DS


First Impressions of Hawken [Lasting First Impressions]

925 days ago - The newly released free-to-play Mech War game, Hawken, has made itself available to everyone. Lasting First Impressions takes a look at it to see h... | Opinion piece | PC


Little Big Planet Karting [Lasting First Impressions]

947 days 8 hours ago - Sackboy has become such an iconic character since the debut of his do-it-yourself platformer, Little Big Planet, back in 2008. He has even been fo... | Preview | PS3


The End of an Era - Lasting First Impressions of Gears of War 3

1380 days 8 hours ago - Gears of War 3 has defined a generation and it’s hard to believe that this is it; the third in the trilogy; the epic end of an era. See what Lasti... | Review | Xbox 360


Holiday Gifts for Geeks

938 days 3 hours ago - What do you get the gamer or geek in your life for the Holidays if they already have everything they want? Don’t be silly, they will never have eve... | Opinion piece | Industry


Assassin's Creed III: Lasting First Impressions

960 days 3 hours ago - After all the tutorials and introductions and the full on gameplay begins, how does Assassin's Creed III hold up? Is it worth your hard earned mone... | Preview | Xbox 360


Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition [Lasting First Impressions]

930 days 12 hours ago - Kerberos Productions released the Enhanced Edition of last year's 4X Strategy Game, Sword of the Stars. Does this newly updated version make the g... | Opinion piece | PC


Rabbids Land Wii U - Lasting First Impressions

954 days ago - Since Mario and friends have yet to start up a party, the crazy Rabbids decided to take over an amusement park and start their own party. Lasting F... | Preview | Wii U


Party of Sin [Lasting First Impressions]

931 days 15 hours ago - It should be a sin to enjoy Party of Sin this much. Crankshaft Games released Party of Sin today and Lasting First Impressions previewed it to see... | Preview | PC


Paper Mario Sticker Star [Lasting First Impressions]

942 days 1 hour ago - Here we go! The fourth installment to the Paper Mario series has just been released for the Nintendo 3DS. This magnificent series of games was brou... | Preview | 3DS


Impressions of Divinity Anthology

952 days 6 hours ago - The Divinity series has been around for many years and recently Larian Studios packaged them all up together in the Divinity Anthology. Is this new... | Opinion piece | PC


Healthy Gaming: Week Two

892 days ago - It's week two in the Healthy Gaming project and this week Sean takes two year old EA Sports Active 2 for a workout. He looks at how this program st... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition [Lasting First Impressions]

938 days 1 hour ago - Lasting First Impressions takes a look at the new overhaul of Baldur's Gate to see how it stands up after a 14 year absence. Is it worth revisitin... | Opinion piece | PC


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