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Hyrule Warriors Hands-on Preview | Laser Lemming

53 days 21 hours ago - LL writes "When Hyrule Warriors was announced, not only was it the closest thing to a new Zelda game we’re going to get to play this year, but ther... | Preview | Wii U


Sniper Elite III Hands on Preview : Good Eye Sniper | Laser Lemming

119 days 14 hours ago - Sniper Elites V2’s mix of stealth and tactical shooting showed a great deal of potential but was bogged down by some odd design quirks that held it... | Preview | PC


Laser Lemming: State Of The Game - Space Engineers

179 days 6 hours ago - Laser Lemming take a peek at the early access Space Engineers and in particular, its Survival mode. | Preview | PC


Dark Souls II Preview: A Hangover You Deserve | Laser Lemming

222 days 3 hours ago - It’s clear from the outset that what From Software are attempting to do with Dark Souls II is to make the game more inviting to new players whilst... | Preview | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Preview: Daedalic’s Journey Of a Roach | Laser Lemming

331 days ago - LaserLemming: "Daedalic Entertainment’s new adventure game, Journey Of A Roach, stars Jim. We all know the type of guy- err, cockroach that Jim is.... | Preview | PC


How to Survive Preview: Not so Lonely Island | Laser Lemming

341 days 18 hours ago - When you hear the term survival horror most people instantly think about the likes of Resident Evil and Dead Space, in which the survival aspect ge... | Preview | PC


Goodbye Deponia Preview | Laser Lemming

350 days 21 hours ago - "Only five months after the release of the well received The Night of the Rabbit, Daedelic Entertainment are ending the year with a bang. Goodbye D... | Preview | PC


Speed Freak:Hands on With Sonic Lost World | Laser Lemming

354 days 18 hours ago - There is a popular theory among long time sonic fans which posits that all modern sonic games are in some way cursed to be a bitter disappointment... | Preview | Wii U


"F**king Hell": Hands on with Bayonetta 2 | Laser Lemming

358 days 16 hours ago - Gareth Newnham of Laser Lemming Writes: "Last week I finally got some hands on time with the Bayonetta 2 at Eurogamer, on the demo that has bee... | Preview | Wii U


The Evil Within Gameplay Impressions - Be Afraid! | Laser Lemming

364 days 18 hours ago - Mikami has promised The Evil Within will take survival horror back to its roots, from what I’ve seen so far I’m more than confident that he and his... | Preview | PC


Saints Row IV Hands On:Super Powered Silliness | Laser Lemming

426 days 18 hours ago - Laser Lemming Writes " The first thing that struck me was how different the games two passive powers, super jump and super speed which replace basi... | Preview | PC


SPOILER ALERT! Hands on with Saints Row IV | Laser Lemming

431 days 12 hours ago - Laser Lemming writes "Recently, your intrepid reporter took a long train ride all the way to London in the blistering summer heat to spend a little... | Preview | PC


Injustice Gods Among Us Demo Impressions - Laserlemming

544 days 14 hours ago - Laserlemming shares their thoughts on the recently released demo for Injustice: Gods Among Us. | Preview | Xbox 360


Dead Space 3 Preview: No Space for Fear? -

620 days 1 hour ago - The guys over at laser lemming take a look at the upcoming Dead Space 3 demo and discuss whether the game's co-op has effected the scares. | Preview | PC


Hands on with the Wii U in Los Angeles |

737 days 7 hours ago - Nintendo recently granted exclusive access to the Wii U Experience in Los Angeles (only several dozen other people were invited).... | Preview | Wii U

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