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Pathologic Remake Edges Closer to Goal

86 days 8 hours ago - "In spite of a poor translation, Pathologic succeeded in creating a rich atmosphere, and the gameplay was unique in that events in the plague infes... | Article | PC


Grumpy Gamer - Free games are cool right?

149 days 6 hours ago - LaserLemmings grumpiest gamer talks about why Tom Francis is better than EA | Article | PC


State Of The Game – Maia 0.42

193 days 13 hours ago - LaserLemming looks at the game dubbed 'Dungeon Keeper meets Dwarf Fortress on a primordial alien world' by its creator and see if it holds a candle... | Article | PC


The Book of Unwritten 2: Kickstarted; Yet No Lambo in Sight

308 days 21 hours ago - "It took a mere 30 hours for the modest goal of $65,000 to be reached, and all that was on offer were a few bells and whistles! Yet now that the go... | Article | PC


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

Inspirational S***: Inspired Insights from Gaming’s Greats

370 days 5 hours ago - Socialist Dictator, Joseph Stalin once said; “The problem with quotes on the internet is you never know if they are genuine.” He probably had a poi... | Article | GameCube


InSomnia: An “Online RPG” Inspired by BioShock and Fallout?

402 days 23 hours ago - A short featurette on InSomnia, the Kickstarter project by Mono Studio. "Though many MMOs have promised similar things to InSomnia and failed to de... | Article | PC


State Of The Game - Incognita Alpha 3

416 days 11 hours ago - A look at the new Alpha by the makers of Don't Starve | Article | PC


SmartGlass Impressions

779 days 6 hours ago - Gareth from puts the newly released smartglass app through its paces | Article | Xbox 360


Americana Dawn: A New JRPG/Adventure Game is Dawning

799 days 21 hours ago - What is Americana Dawn? I’ve been highly interested in this game for awhile and hopefully this article will be able to get others enraptured into t... | Article | PC


Aliens Versus Terrorists: Microsoft Comments On the Halo/Call of Duty Comparisons

818 days 1 hour ago - Comparing the “Halo” and “Call of Duty” franchises is a common occurrence–both have produced multiple games with impressive sale numbers, both have... | Article | Xbox 360

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