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JIG: Trine 2 Review

1496 days 23 hours ago - JIG: A crazy, multiplayer romp through a visually lush game featuring three moderately-mad fantasy characters with their own unique abilities? Show... | Review | PC


JIG: Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Review

1500 days 6 hours ago - JIG: Sam is just your ordinary guy with a bad English accent who might never have made it big as a reporter if not for his coverage of the disappea... | Review | PC


JIG: Grim Tales: The Legacy Review

1496 days 22 hours ago - JIG: A ghost, a wolf, a dark and isolated castle, and possibly even a werewolf? Looks like you've got your hands full in the latest hidden object a... | Review | PC


JIG: Mirror's Edge 2D Review

2477 days 7 hours ago - JIG: "My only real quarrel with Mirror's Edge 2D is with the main character, who compared to Fancy Pants Man, has the humor and joie de v... | Review | 12


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

JIG: Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres Collector's Edition Review

1560 days 16 hours ago - JIG: Storylines in the adventure/hidden object hybrid genre of casual games contain a massive range of scenarios. Some are set in the past, some fe... | Review | PC


JIG: Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Review

1608 days 4 hours ago - JIG: Often when game designers try to throw everything but the kitchen sink into an adventure/hidden object hybrid, what you end up with is an inco... | Review | PC


JIG: Youda Fisherman Review

1608 days ago - JIG: Not long ago, Leo's dad's fishing company went broke because of pirates, what with their nasty looting and scaring of workers through nefariou... | Review | PC


JIG: Urban Legends: The Maze Review

1608 days 4 hours ago - JIG: They've been saying for years now that reality television rots your brain, but nobody ever really expects it to kill you. Urban Legends: The M... | Review | PC


JIG: The Wizard's Pen Review

2477 days 6 hours ago - JIG: "This game may feel too easy for some, but the frustration factor is low, so most of you who like the normal hidden object games wil... | Review | 12


JIG: Finger Hoola Review

1158 days 18 hours ago - JIG: So, this exists: PlantPot's Finger Hoola, a simple arcade game where you do exactly what the title suggests! It's not code for nose picking or... | Review | iPhone


JIG: The Space Game Review

2477 days 7 hours ago - JIG: "It's a common problem with defense games, but The Space Game is so tightly focused, it can start to feel repetitive. If the game co... | Review | 12


The Book of Living Magic Released

1647 days 6 hours ago - The latest game by indie developer Jonas Kyratzes has been released, and it's an excellent and above all unique freeware point-and-click adventure. | News | PC


The Sea Will Claim Everything Review | Jay Is Games

1355 days 15 hours ago - The Sea Will Claim Everything is the best possible way to enjoy an evening. With a variety of unusual settings you'll want to spend your time explo... | Review | PC


JIG: Spike: A Love Story, Too Review

1141 days 18 hours ago - JIG: You know those old Flinstones cartoons where they would show a bored looking animal being used as an appliance? Some beleaguered boar under th... | Review | Casual games


JIG - Help Me Fly Review

878 days 3 hours ago - JIG - Help Me Fly by Funtomic is a combination logic game and a shape-fitting tangram-style puzzle game. If that sounds like too steep of a learnin... | Review | iPhone


JIG: Bobbing Review

1054 days 19 hours ago - JIG: Bobbing is a fast-paced, finger-twitching, reflex-hounding action platformer from Little Bobby Games. You play as a little eskimo creature who... | Review | iPhone


JIG - Card Hunter Review

879 days 13 hours ago - JIG - Blue Manchu's card battling RPG board game Card Hunter is one of those games that makes me whine, "But I had things I was supposed to do toda... | Review | PC


JIG: Great Big War Game Review

1293 days 3 hours ago - JIG: What do you get when you combine a bumbling commander, an unexperienced captain, and the sound of gunfire? You get Great Big War Game, a war t... | Review | iPhone


JIG: Incursion Review

1162 days 20 hours ago - JIG: Will evil never learn? Sure, maybe this time you've got wyverns and soulsuckers, but that doesn't mean you will prevail. Because we've got lig... | Review | Casual games


JIG - Eastward Quest Review

880 days 13 hours ago - JIG - You may know Lucas Molina from the artsy simulation Avant-Garde, but his latest game Eastward Quest is an entirely different beast in every p... | Review | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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