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Official Persona 4 Golden Designs released by Insert Coin Clothing

10 days 11 hours ago - Video game apparel designer Insert Coin Clothing have partnered with ATLUS to release an official range dedicated to the enhanced portable remake P... | News | Culture


Squid Girl celebrates Splatoon release

97 days 7 hours ago - Squid Girl author Masahiro Anbe produces some pieces featuring the titular Squid Girl with the Splatoon characters to celebrate the release of Spla... | News | Culture


Despair: Americana Dawn's Kickstarter failed to reach its goal

249 days 15 hours ago - Japanator: "Oh my. I never expected that it would come to this, but I'm afraid that Americana Dawn's Kickstarter couldn't achieve its $70,000 goal,... | News | PC


Celebrate Moe Day with MangaGamer Sale

327 days 6 hours ago - Japanator: October 10th is a special day for fans of moe and puns, because today is Moe Day! Why, you ask? Well, the Kanji characters for "October... | News | PC


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

New Love Plus+ arrives Spring 2014 with 3DS bundles

644 days 6 hours ago - Brittany Vincent of Japanator writes: "Konami dropped a very special, very waifu-filled announcement: New Love Plus+ will be dropping next Sprin... | News | 3DS


Square Enix Finally Sheds Details on Dragon Quest X' 'Kids Time'

1175 days ago - "As details for Square Enix's upcoming Wii/WiiU MMORPG Dragon Quest X started pouring in, the developers revealed that the game would have a specia... | News | Wii


Ladies, Hakuoki aims to appeal to "your needs"

1521 days 8 hours ago - What's that you say, female gamers? "There are too many male-oriented games and I'd like to see a few that cater mainly to my needs for once?" I... | News | PSP


Tales' Voice Actress Tomoko Kawakami Passes Away

1522 days 11 hours ago - Veteran video game and anime voice actress Tomoko Kawakami recently passed away after a long bout of illness. She had been suffering from ovarian c... | News | Culture


Design a Dark Souls shield to cower behind

1539 days 7 hours ago - Japanator's Josh Tolentino writes, "If Dark Souls is anything like Demon's Souls (spoiler: it's a lot like Demon's Souls), you'll probably spend a... | News | Xbox 360


Hatsune Miku to Appear in Weekly Playboy

1619 days 14 hours ago - Our sweet, innocent Vocaloid queen, appearing in Playboy? It sounds like a racy story, but it's not as naughty as you think. The March 28 issue of... | News | PC


Here are more details for the Bleach: Soul Ignition game

1627 days 11 hours ago - A series of magazine leaks and official confirmations have revealed that at least 10 playable characters will be present in the game. | News | PS3


A Legend of the Galactic Heroes video game?! DO WANT

1918 days 13 hours ago - Legend of the Galactic Heroes is arguably one of the most epic anime series of all time. Spanning ten novels and twenty-eight years of episodes, ga... | News | PC


Love Plus promise to slim plus-size players

1935 days 13 hours ago - In what is doubtless a depressingly realistic simulation of actual relationships, Love Plus has its players doing some rather embarrassing things -... | News | Nintendo DS


Webcam eroge Love Death 4 might be able to recognize your wang

2060 days 19 hours ago - "One of the greatest issues surrounding the advent of any new technology has always been the concern regarding its misuse. Just as modern nucl... | News | 11, 12, 14


Dragon ball MMORPG coming in 2008

3088 days 11 hours ago - DBMania is bringing us news that Dragon Ball Online, an MMO based on one of the most recognized series in the world, is coming to Japan in 2008, wi... | News | 12


Kid murders for video game money

3117 days 12 hours ago - A university student under arrest for trying to withdraw money from the account of a man found dead last month, along with his mother, has admitted... | News | 11

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