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Tatsunoko vs Capcom Shocker: They Didn't Reuse a Morrigan Sprite

2133 days 8 hours ago - Howdy folks, I'm back from my month-long "holy crap I am never going to get all this work done" hiatus to return to my illustrious Jtor p... | Article | 7


Hatsune Miku to Appear in Weekly Playboy

1202 days 11 hours ago - Our sweet, innocent Vocaloid queen, appearing in Playboy? It sounds like a racy story, but it's not as naughty as you think. The March 28 issue of... | News | PC


Tales' Voice Actress Tomoko Kawakami Passes Away

1105 days 8 hours ago - Veteran video game and anime voice actress Tomoko Kawakami recently passed away after a long bout of illness. She had been suffering from ovarian c... | News | Culture


Go West Fifty-Eight: I Hate Everything

242 days 19 hours ago - Edition 58 of a [sometimes] weekly column about Japanese game releases in... well, Japan. This week the focus is on Akiba's Trip 2 for the PS3/Vita... | Article | PSP


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Love is over if you don't gawp at these Catherine figures

792 days 18 hours ago - Indeed, it will be over, as done as if you had fallen off a mysterious pile of blocks into an infinite nightmare void full of crazy monsters repres... | Image | Xbox 360


Go West Week Fifty-Nine: Eating Gods All Day Everyday

237 days 21 hours ago - Edition 59 of a [sometimes] weekly column about Japanese game releases in... well, Japan. This week the focus is on God Eater 2 for the Vita, and a... | Article | PSP


Go West Sixty: Lightning Returns to Arland

229 days 21 hours ago - Edition 60 of a [sometimes] weekly column about Japanese game releases in... well, Japan. This week the focus is on Lightning Returns and New Ateli... | Article | PSP


Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri's death rumors are conflicted -- likely false

1218 days 11 hours ago - Twitter has been flooded with unconfirmed reports that the man responsible for Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri has passed away in the tsunami that rocked n... | Rumor | Culture


Action packed eight minute God Eater 2 video

242 days 14 hours ago - An eight minute God Eater 2 play video detailing the new species of Aragami that are capable of summoning other monsters to the field. We also get... | Video | PSP


Kid murders for video game money

2700 days 9 hours ago - A university student under arrest for trying to withdraw money from the account of a man found dead last month, along with his mother, has admitted... | News | 11


Ladies, Hakuoki aims to appeal to "your needs"

1104 days 5 hours ago - What's that you say, female gamers? "There are too many male-oriented games and I'd like to see a few that cater mainly to my needs for once?" I... | News | PSP


Square Enix Finally Sheds Details on Dragon Quest X' 'Kids Time'

757 days 20 hours ago - "As details for Square Enix's upcoming Wii/WiiU MMORPG Dragon Quest X started pouring in, the developers revealed that the game would have a specia... | News | Wii


How JRPGs stole my heart

1241 days 1 hour ago - Japanator: "Oh JRPGs, the Final Fantasy series in particular. You are a cruel mistress. You enslaved me as a young child and I have become a servan... | Article | PS2


Excellent game soundtracks: Final Fantasy VIII

230 days 23 hours ago - Japanator: Pretty much everyone I know (to generalize like any good writer should) who has played more than a few Final Fantasy titles have a stron... | Opinion piece | Retro


Import Review: Tokitowa | Japanator

536 days 3 hours ago - Japanator: " What it actually is, is a proof of concept that's a long way from being anything resembling a fun, full featured game. Don't be foo... | Review | PS3


Here are more details for the Bleach: Soul Ignition game

1210 days 8 hours ago - A series of magazine leaks and official confirmations have revealed that at least 10 playable characters will be present in the game. | News | PS3


TGS 2012: Hands on with Soul Sacrifice | Japanator

658 days 5 hours ago - Japanator: "I can't even begin to count how many times somebody told me that the upcoming Vita title, Soul Sacrifice, was there game of Tokyo Game... | Preview | PS Vita


Review - Japanator Recommends: Final Fantasy XIII-2

848 days 9 hours ago - Japanator's Hiroko Yamamura Final Fantasy XIII-2 has stepped into the spotlight with its sophomore entry into the story line. With an amazing engin... | Review | Xbox 360


Let's watch Japanese singer GACKT play video games: Super Dodgeball

5 days 4 hours ago - Continuing their strange collaboration, Japanese singer GACKT and Nestlé have released another "Game Center" video, where GACKT must play a game ev... | Video | Wii


Design a Dark Souls shield to cower behind

1122 days 3 hours ago - Japanator's Josh Tolentino writes, "If Dark Souls is anything like Demon's Souls (spoiler: it's a lot like Demon's Souls), you'll probably spend a... | News | Xbox 360


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

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