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IGN Put On Blasts For Shady Business? HipHopGamer Sets The Record Straight Shots Fired Ep. 3

1543 days 4 hours ago - Deus Ex is the hottest game out that everyone is talking about but it appears not everyone can be as vocal. It has just been revealed that yout... | Video | Xbox 360


Call Of Duty 2 Maps To Join The MW3 Elite Experience. Watch Interview, Fan Service Is Incredible

1544 days ago - The Call Of Duty Experience was the best event for a FPS game in history. Fan Service has officially been delivered but now we might receive more i... | Video | PC


Playstation Magazine Confirms HipHopGamer News Of Syphon Filter 4 Release. Watch Footage

1544 days 7 hours ago - After a few years of debates, rumors, disappointments, hopes, and wishes now the time has come. In Feb’ 2010 HipHopGamer confirmed that Syphon... | Video | PS3


Iron Man Vs Cyber Sub-Zero, Is MK Attempting To Grab Marvel. HipHopGamer Gives Details

1553 days 3 hours ago - 1. Madden 12 Review 9.5/10 2. Dr. Dre Beats Pro Review – Must Buy 3. Nether Realms Or Capcom? 4. Tsu Surf Vs K-Shine Rap Battle Enjoy The Sho... | Video | Xbox 360


See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

2K Sports It’s In The Game, A Must See Impression Preview Watch Now

1555 days 21 hours ago - 2K Sports is ready for the NBA regardless of a lock out. This game has all the bell and whistles seriously I’m not sure if anyone expected this muc... | Video | Xbox 360


Dr. Dre Comes To The Gaming Industry CES ’12 Monster, Brings The Heat To Tritton And Turtle Beach

1559 days 5 hours ago - Monster is on a mission to take over your electronics experience with products such as the Monster Cables, Surge Protectors, Dr. Dre Beats and more... | Video | Xbox 360


PS Vita Has Met It's Match And It's Not The 3DS, The Future Is Here

1571 days 21 hours ago - After you watch this video you’ll understand what the future is all about. PS Vita is incredible but with great power comes great challenges an... | Video | Android


Battlefield 3 Customization Detailed And It Looks Sick Check It Out

1580 days 21 hours ago - Much love to EA and Dice for putting together one of the most amazing FPS Games our industry has ever seen. Now check out some of the coolest c... | Video | PC


Lara Croft At Her Best Since Being Beat By Drake. Naughty Dog Or Crystal Dynamics

1605 days 21 hours ago - E3’11 was the stage where everyone saw Uncharted 3 and Tomb Raider in their best light. Although Uncharted 3 came out on top Tomb Raider was right... | Video | PC


Fatality And HipHopGamer, The Big E3 Interview You Can’t Miss

1608 days 23 hours ago - Fatality is hands down a legend in our industry and finally we get to find out what actually gave birth to his will to be the best. There’s a s... | Video | PC


Rumor: Gamestop Confirms BF3 Is Currently Outselling MW3

1612 days 20 hours ago - EA is seriously gunning for the top spot over Activison, this is a very good sign but will it last? check out more details in the video below | Video | PC


HipHopGamer Destroys Sony's Anton, SF X Tekken Gameplay Is Incredible

1617 days 19 hours ago - HipHopGamer Vs Anton one of the key master minds behind Sony's PS MOVE goes to war. Everyone must see this and also checkout the NEW FOOTAGE of... | Video | PS3


Yoshinori Ono And HipHopGamer Confirms Comic-Con New Character Reveals

1621 days 21 hours ago - HipHopGamer And Yoshinori Ono is back again with a better yet quick discussion about Street Fighter X Tekken. Yoshinori Ono is great and you'll... | Video | Xbox 360


PSVita Uncharted Has Cinematics Above Uncharted 2, Insane Detailed Set Pieces

1626 days 21 hours ago - In this interview we go hands on with the PS Vita, a little clip of Blazblue In Real-Time Action, but the main part is the new features unveiled in... | Video | PS Vita


Saints Row 3 Is Leaps And Bounds Above GTA 4, Unbelievable Interview Details

1627 days 19 hours ago - The demonstration of Saints Row 3 at E3'11 was more than just jaw dropping, the gameplay details are over the top and easily surpasses the fun you... | Video | PC


Modern Warfare 3: Spec Ops Gameplay

1630 days 8 hours ago - Check out the Modern Warfare 3: Spec Ops in-game footage. Enjoy! | Video | PC


Hiphop Gamer Responds

1637 days 19 hours ago - Insomniac is getting prepared for a huge reveal in the coming days, the game is going to be amazing as usual but will history repeat itself in the... | Video | Industry


After E3 Sony Will Have The Last Laugh, Thanks Kojima

1668 days 23 hours ago - Metal Gear Solid 4 put the playstation 3 on the map with super detailed graphics, story telling, and unique action. During the PSN crisis many webs... | Video | PC


CJ Returning To GTA5? Also MotionScan Being Enhanced

1672 days 3 hours ago - 1. Killer Instinct Arcade Giveaway 2. Socom 4 - 10/10 (Zipper Nailed It) 3. Gamer Goddess Thor Interview (360) 4. HipHopRss - S... | Video | PC


HipHopGamer Addresses Sony, Journalist, Anonymous And NGP Details.

1675 days 11 hours ago - PSN is a tough situation to swallow, we all want to go online but the truth is we all want fairness and between these fake Journalist, and maliciou... | Video | Culture


Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post
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