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360 Challenges the PS3's Cell Processor Power with Alan Wake

2075 days 3 hours ago - Alan Wake seems to be in its mid stages of development if it is to be released this year, but we still haven't seen much about the game. The few bi... | Article | 2


PS3 Shuts Up Gabe Newell

2093 days 23 hours ago - Gabe Newell stated that the PS3 is a bad console, a failure, and that Sony should stop making it and try again. He refuse to develop games for the... | Article | 1, 2, 12


Rumor: Xbox Live Upgrades To "V.I.P. Membership"

2022 days 7 hours ago - After seeing the latest numbers from the NPD, it's safe to say the Xbox 360 is a beast! As for the Xbox Live, just when people thought Microsoft co... | Rumor | 2


Bethesda Software Brings Killzone 2 Quality For Xbox360 With Brink

1966 days 1 hour ago - Brink was shown behind closed doors at E3'09 and everyone single pair of eyes that witnessed this game were blown away. Most importantly they were... | News | 33,1,2


Get an exclusive guaranteed access alpha key in Curse Voice

Now - Curse is running an exclusive giveaway for Evolve. Download Curse Voice to grab your key so you can play in the Evolve alpha this weekend | Promoted post

Uncharted 2 to set the bar higher than Killzone 2

2099 days 1 hour ago - Naughty Dog claims to be fully utilizing the SPU's (Synergistic Processing Unit)on the ps3 and pushing the hardware even further than guerilla game... | News | 1


Killzone 2 Major Hype, Bad Launch

2070 days 22 hours ago - Killzone 2 Has an amazing amount of hype surrounding it and no less of that hype upon its release date. It's unbelievable that few people showed up... | News | 1


GTA V Back On PS3 Exclusively? Sony Strikes Back For GTA IV DLC Loss HipHopGamerShow 10/26/08

2195 days 9 hours ago - * Sony Gears up for 2009 Dominance * Xbox 360 set to Revolutionize Game Consoles as we know it (foward capability) * Soulja Boy SMASHED by HipH... | Video | 1,2,3,11,13


Halo Has Met It's Match, Killzone 2 Shocks The Industry

2076 days 10 hours ago - * N4G Admin Guest Stars On Gamers In The Street * Microsoft Makes Multi-Platform games there own with DLC * Capcom wants Marvel vs Capcom 3 to... | Video | 1, 2, 11, 13


Beware Of Rare In 2009

2049 days 1 hour ago - Master Samo from Hiphopgamershow writes: Time after time, gamers have been doubting Rare for years; they have been doubting its worth, and the... | Article | 2,11


Ex-Bungie Dev, Christian Allen, Confirms Killzone 2 Can Be Done On Xbox360

2037 days 23 hours ago - After working on the 360 hardware can killzone 2 be done on that platform? Oh yeah, click the article to read more about Christian Allen | Interview | 1,2,13,15


3D Without Glasses Is Here! 240hz Killzone 3 Destroys The Competitors

1423 days ago - Believe it or not but the next level of gaming is all about the frame rate. Nowadays games are made at 30 or 60fps and the difference is easily not... | Video | PS3


Has Xbox360 Maxed Out? Killzone 2 The True Next Generation Of Gaming HipHopGamerShow 12/7/08 Enjoy

2153 days 8 hours ago - * Did Cliffy B Lie To Me At E3? Analyist Discuss Gears possibly going to PS3 once again * Microsoft aiming for the wii next year, Is The casual m... | Video | 1,2,11,13


Xbox360 Devs Can't Match PS3 Exclusives Without The X-Engine

1822 days 21 hours ago - Currently in the fourth year the wow factor of the Xbox360 in terms of forward movement with their exclusive titles hasn't been as strong and that'... | Video | 1,2


Halo most Definably Revolutionized the FPS Genre

2098 days 7 hours ago - If it wasn't for Halo, First Person Shooters wouldn't be as big a hit, everyone knows this. At the time of its release, there was nothing else like... | Article | 2


Sonys Ego Cost Them Their Own Halo

1813 days 21 hours ago - Sony has had a ton of opportunities to capitalize on Microsoft some worked, and some didnt' but the most crucial missed opportunity was having Call... | Video | 1,2


Does Killzone 2 take Call of Duty 4's Crown?

2063 days 9 hours ago - It only took me two hours to come to the conclusion that Call of Duty 4 was finally trumped as king. My decision based upon writing this article fe... | News | 1, 2, 11


Bioshock 2 On PS3 First 360 shortly after? Also Xbox360 next update may come with a web browser. HipHopGamerShow 12/21/08

2139 days 7 hours ago - * Capcom Home Space To Included Street Fighter World Warrior and Street Fighter Championship Edition * Rockstar PS3 Exclusive Red Dead Revolver 2... | Video | 1,2,11,13


Sony Gets A Boost Over 360 With All In One Blu-Ray Disc From Universal

1793 days 22 hours ago - Universal Studios Home Entertainment (USHE) announced today the introduction of groundbreaking dual-format discs containing both Blu-ray Hi-Def and... | Video | 1,2,13


RROD. How Did Microsoft Overcome this Debacle?

2021 days 2 hours ago - If you're a veteran gamer, then you're probably familiar with faulty hardware. Whether it was the NES, which required constant blowing of the cartr... | Article | 2,11


What is Microsoft's Next Move against Sony?

2083 days 7 hours ago - What's Next? If rumors are true then Microsoft is ready to drop the price on their 60 GB model to $249 at the same time as Sony drops their lower e... | Article | 2,11,13


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

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