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IGN Put On Blasts For Shady Business? HipHopGamer Sets The Record Straight Shots Fired Ep. 3

1618 days 17 hours ago - Deus Ex is the hottest game out that everyone is talking about but it appears not everyone can be as vocal. It has just been revealed that yout... | Video | Xbox 360


Call Of Duty 2 Maps To Join The MW3 Elite Experience. Watch Interview, Fan Service Is Incredible

1619 days 12 hours ago - The Call Of Duty Experience was the best event for a FPS game in history. Fan Service has officially been delivered but now we might receive more i... | Video | PC


Playstation Magazine Confirms HipHopGamer News Of Syphon Filter 4 Release. Watch Footage

1619 days 20 hours ago - After a few years of debates, rumors, disappointments, hopes, and wishes now the time has come. In Feb’ 2010 HipHopGamer confirmed that Syphon... | Video | PS3


IGN's Greg Miller Wrong Again - Dead Island Review WTF!

1621 days 11 hours ago - T-Hill writes: On this episode of GAMER-0 we will explore the sad excuse of a rushed review done by IGN's own Greg Miller for Dead Island. With... | Videocast | Xbox 360


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Madden 12 Review - Best Football Game Ever Made Congrats To EA, Says HipHopGamer

1626 days 11 hours ago - Madden has made history how you may ask? well Presentation, Graphics, Gameplay, Features has all been paid attention to for this years Madden and i... | Review | Xbox 360


DaBlackSmith for Tester Season 3 & Kotaku Down Plays Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3

1628 days 9 hours ago - T-Hill writes: Episode 88: It’s a special show where I give my support for my buddy DaBlackSmith who is working hard to get onto season 3 of th... | Videocast | Xbox 360


Iron Man Vs Cyber Sub-Zero, Is MK Attempting To Grab Marvel. HipHopGamer Gives Details

1628 days 16 hours ago - 1. Madden 12 Review 9.5/10 2. Dr. Dre Beats Pro Review – Must Buy 3. Nether Realms Or Capcom? 4. Tsu Surf Vs K-Shine Rap Battle Enjoy The Sho... | Video | Xbox 360


2K Sports It’s In The Game, A Must See Impression Preview Watch Now

1631 days 10 hours ago - 2K Sports is ready for the NBA regardless of a lock out. This game has all the bell and whistles seriously I’m not sure if anyone expected this muc... | Video | Xbox 360


PS Vita Price Cut, Insomniac...Resistance Split & D-Arts Zero Figure

1631 days 12 hours ago - T-Hill writes: I know I've been out of the picture for a few weeks but I had to speak on the whole PS Vita price cut talk that BA's have been deman... | Videocast | PS3


Dr. Dre Comes To The Gaming Industry CES ’12 Monster, Brings The Heat To Tritton And Turtle Beach

1634 days 17 hours ago - Monster is on a mission to take over your electronics experience with products such as the Monster Cables, Surge Protectors, Dr. Dre Beats and more... | Video | Xbox 360


Street Fighter X Tekken Best Engine Ever From Capcom Fan Service Accomplished HHGS 8/21/11

1635 days 16 hours ago - Capcom Fight Klub Footage – 0.00 to 11:00 Monster/Dr.Dre Beats CEO Interview – 11:01 to 18:17 First Black Tester Winner In The Making Da Blac... | Videocast | Xbox 360


Capcom Planning A New Fighting IP, Ambitous As Street Fighter. Very Believable

1642 days 17 hours ago - 1. Resistance 3 Beta Impressions – Game Is Great So Far 2. Goldeneye Reloaded Interview 3. Capcoms New Classic In The Making? 4. HipHopRss – DNA... | Videocast | PC


PS Vita Has Met It's Match And It's Not The 3DS, The Future Is Here

1647 days 10 hours ago - After you watch this video you’ll understand what the future is all about. PS Vita is incredible but with great power comes great challenges an... | Video | Android


Sony Won E3, Who Will Win Gamescom? New IP’s Are Coming.

1648 days 9 hours ago - 1. NFL Hall Of Famer John Randle Stars On The HipHopGamerShow 2. Wii U Metroid Demo Possible Showing At Gamescom 3. Peter Molyneux Done With Fabl... | Videocast | Xbox 360


There’s No Need For NFL 2K Anymore, EA Finally Gets It Right.

1655 days 8 hours ago - Year after year after year Madden felt the same and looked the same. This rinse and repeat method was not doing the franchise any justice and the s... | Interview | Xbox 360


Battlefield 3 Customization Detailed And It Looks Sick Check It Out

1656 days 10 hours ago - Much love to EA and Dice for putting together one of the most amazing FPS Games our industry has ever seen. Now check out some of the coolest c... | Video | PC


Microsoft Revealing Halo 4 Details At Gamescom, They Might Steal The Show If True.

1656 days 14 hours ago - 1. Deion Sanders NFL Legend Guest Stars On The HHGS 2. Halo 4 Details Discussed 3. Deadliest Warrior - 5.5/10 4. HipHopRss - Jay-Z & Kanye West... | Videocast | Xbox 360


Official: Gears 3 Has Been Challenged, Starhawk Has Raised The Bar Only On PS3

1658 days 8 hours ago - Gears 3 is truly a masterpiece and a dramatic step up from previous versions. Epic games continues to dominate but now there is some serious compet... | Videocast | Xbox 360


GAMERZ411 #22 - Is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Good For The Game?

1660 days 22 hours ago - What’s good everyone! During a week slow on megaton announcements, the GAMERZ411 crew touches on several different topics, including the growing bu... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Microsoft Aims For 10gigs Of RAM For Xbox Next Gen. Insane Power Is Coming

1663 days 10 hours ago - 1. NBA Jam On Fire Edition Interview 2. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel 7.5/10 3. HipHopRss – Rap Battle DNA Vs Youngill Enjoy The Show 1luv and Go... | Videocast | PC


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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