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The Best Video Game Adverts Of All Time - Hard Reset

394 days 7 hours ago - What makes a good marketing campaign? Hell, if I no. I’m just some creepy dude writing about video games on a scabby laptop. But, according to abou... | Opinion piece | PS2


Five Rubbish Video Game Plot Twists - Hard Reset

400 days 12 hours ago - The worst post credit sequence feeling is when the title just felt unbalanced and gave you an icky feeling. Sometimes the story is really good and... | Opinion piece | PS2


Dear Videogame Industry: A Letter Of Loving Hatred

436 days 17 hours ago - Dear video game industry, Dan Hobbs has to tell you some thing. This may sound like a breakup letter, but it is not. You still make me laugh, st... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Watching The Wii U Go Extinct

471 days 16 hours ago - Like looking at bone through thin, sagging skin, and nearly a year in – Nintendo isn't looking healthy going into 2014 or the remainder of the next... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Win a PS4!!

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Guns, Girls & Dogs - Analysis of the COD: Ghost Multiplayer Reveal

491 days 15 hours ago - Infinity Ward has revealed some multiplayer details for FPS juggernaut Call of Duty Ghosts but has it changed enough to pull you back in? To be... | Opinion piece | PC


Five reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Order Next Gen

504 days 10 hours ago - Tom Seymour: Any self-respecting fan of videogames has already pre-ordered and made their choice for next-gen, right? You saw all the trailers f... | Opinion piece | PS4


Microsoft: Get With The Times, Man

547 days 15 hours ago - Microsoft executive gives interview on Xbox One features, insults gamers everywhere. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


PS4 - Have Sony Already Won The Console War?

554 days 17 hours ago - Sony's decisions not to include an always-online feature and to support pre-owned for PS4 have garnered them mass popularity for next-gen, will Xbo... | Opinion piece | PS4


Xbox One’s Messaging An Awful Mess

576 days 15 hours ago - It’s been a long night. The past few hours have been hectic as hell. At the time of writing it’s been about six hours since we learnt that the next... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


EA: Thanks in Advance for Ruining Star Wars Games

578 days 9 hours ago - Steve Sawyer: I was sitting at my desk browsing through the same detritus of gaming news as I would any other day when I saw the words that I thoug... | Opinion piece | Culture


Is Virtual Slowly Becoming A Reality?

580 days 15 hours ago - David Treharne: I thought I’d write about something that’s caught my eye recently, something that attempts to succeed at new and interesting things... | Opinion piece | Tech


The Future Of Ouya

585 days 17 hours ago - For those of you unaware, there is a new Android based console on the horizon called Ouya. Initially started as a Kickstarter campaign, it quickly... | Opinion piece | Android


Suing Sega? Then Sue Irrational Too

596 days 15 hours ago - Serves SEGA right, doesn’t it. Made a right crappy game out of Colonial Marines they did, so someone is suing them. Oh, well, they didn’t make it p... | Opinion piece | PC


New Ideas For Batman: Arkham Origins

603 days 5 hours ago - Stepping out from the shadows, cowl down, boots strapped is Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest entry to the critically acclaimed “Arkham” series, s... | Opinion piece | PC


Bioshock Infinite: Infinitely Disappointing

612 days 15 hours ago - Just like almost everyone else on planet earth, I anticipated Bioshock Infinite’s release for a long time. Infinite was the successor to a game whi... | Opinion piece | PC


Why You Are Killing Video Games.

623 days 17 hours ago - This is how the players, the press and the publishers are all coming together and bringing about the death of video games. Don’t worry, there is a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Blizzard and Capcom Fail to Excite - HardReset

636 days 8 hours ago - PAX East is at full swing here in the Boston. The cosplayers are cosplaying, the exhibitors are exhibiting, and the announcements are trickling in... | Opinion piece | Industry


Predicting #Playstation2013 | Hard Reset

668 days 20 hours ago - Rumors, speculation, and hype? Must be about time to release a new generation of consoles. Ever since Sony released a video announcing its coming... | Opinion piece | PS4


The State Of The Video Game Nation

702 days 17 hours ago - Josh Hinke Writes: Remember when video gaming was an eclectic slice of nerd culture generally shunned by society? It was “kid” stuff, something th... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


An article about the imbeciles that bought the Wii U | Hard Reset

712 days 6 hours ago - Yeah, woo! It’s 2013! Everything is new and exciting and futuristic. And that resolution you made to stop eating bacon by the barrow-load and go to... | Opinion piece | Wii U


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