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XBLA Format dropped from Xbox one

917 days 1 hour ago - XBLA will not be around for Xbox 1 – ever. All XBL channels; i.e., indie will be consolidated into one virtual bucket of games from which you can r... | News | Xbox 360


Two hours of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon gameplay appears online

960 days 9 hours ago - From what is shown in the videos, the gameplay from Far Cry 3 seems intact; with enemy tagging and stealth takedowns in still in the game. However,... | News | Xbox 360


New Mewtwo, or is Mewthree Real?

962 days 21 hours ago - Who else remembers the old Mewthree hoax's? comments on Pokemon myth becoming truth in Pokemon X/Y | News | Industry


Xbox Exclusive Tomb Raider DLC -

994 days 17 hours ago - Three new exclusive maps are coming to the multiplayer for Tomb Raider for Xbox users. | News | Xbox 360


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

PS Vita Gets a Slew of Classic Games

1147 days 11 hours ago - HardReset reports on the new PSone games now available for the PS Vita on the NA Playstation Network. | News | PS Vita


Budget Gaming at its Finest

1158 days 5 hours ago - The Humble Indie Bundle 6 has landed, check out HardReset's breakdown of the fantastic titles to expect this time around. | News | PC


R.I.P. Nintendo Power 1988-2012

1190 days 5 hours ago - It’s a sad day in the gaming community, Nintendo has announced that they have no plans to continue Nintendo Power magazine after their contract wit... | News | Industry


Impire – A Paradox Interactive Project

1217 days 1 hour ago - Well, it seems that Paradox Interactive are gearing up for a new game, as they eagerly announced today that they are unleashing their new Impire. T... | News | PC


E.A. fight the U.S. Government for same sex equality

1223 days 7 hours ago - Electronic Arts have stepped forward in an admirable move to defend the constitutional rights of its employees, the gaming community, and the peopl... | News | Culture


Just what is the Nintendo Wii U?

1223 days 12 hours ago - So what is the Wii U then? The Wii U is Nintendo’s new console; a follow-up to the original Wii that you all loved for the first week and then... | News | Wii


P-100 announced for Wii U

1267 days 20 hours ago - Nintendo has announced that Platinum Games is working on P-100 for Wii U, which will be part of the Wii U's launch window. | News | Wii U


3DS to gets its moment in the spotlight tommorow.

1268 days 6 hours ago - Nintendo showed off three 3DS games,while announcing the 3DS is to get its own 3DS pre recorded show tomorrow, which is set to feature a lot of games. | News | 3DS


Rayman Legends on WiiU Leaked

1306 days 20 hours ago - SO Ubisoft must be a little annoyed. E3 is ruined. Something tells me that after the star showing that was the original, Rayman Legends might have... | News | Wii U


Hard Reset: The Week That Was

1381 days 17 hours ago - Hello ladies and gentleman did you miss me? probably not, I can only but apologise but last Friday was my birthday and well if you don’t take a lit... | News | Wii


Hard Reset's The Week That Was

1395 days 7 hours ago - Hello and welcome to the show, this week I be talking about house parties, sleeping dogs, regicide, networking & the inevitable job lay off if you... | News | Xbox 360


The Week That Was

1410 days 2 hours ago -'s Ben Quy covers and offers his take on perhaps some of the interesting news you did not read in the 2nd week of January. | News | Wii


Dev claims Codemasters staff ‘horribly mistreated’

1411 days 22 hours ago - An ex-developer who worked for a Codemasters studio has claimed that the publisher operated ‘illegally’ and ‘threatened’ staff after ‘accidentally’... | News | PC


Mass Effect Dev Diary Discusses Story Details

1412 days 10 hours ago - I don’t really post this sort of news. I don’t really like these sorts of videos. Plus the host is a bit of dick. However, this developer diary is... | News | PC


The Week That Was

1414 days 5 hours ago - Ben Quy from talks about the lesser seen stories of the first week of january | News | PSP


The Independent Games Festival Finalists Are…

1414 days 9 hours ago - Out of all the jobs in the gaming industry an IGF judge would be the one I want. Out of all the games that come out in a single year, the finalists... | News | PC


Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post
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