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Balancing Gripes In Games

1186 days 3 hours ago - Here’s where I start to deviate from the majority opinion, but, lately, I’m getting sick and tired of games needing to re-balance themselves via pa... | Article | GameCube


Looting Consumers: One Consumer At A Time (Hard4Games)

1190 days 7 hours ago - So a few months back, my cousin asked me for my opinion on Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and I told him, “It’s just another hack-and-slash w... | Article | PS2


Dear Esther - Your Game Isn't A Game

1188 days 14 hours ago - So after being irritated from the 40-hour time-sink that was Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, I saw a title released on Steam that gave me hope—Dea... | Opinion piece | PC


Hard4Games Writes: Max Payne 3 Is Worrisome

1120 days 6 hours ago - "The original Max Payne was one of those games that came out of nowhere, and yet it single-handedly generated an evolution in gaming: Bullet-time.... | Opinion piece | PC


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Video Game Cravings: Be Careful What You Wish For (Hard4Games)

1195 days 19 hours ago - Have you ever thought to yourself, “Damn, I wish they’d freaking make another .”? Maybe you pondered, “OMG, are they going to remake !?” Of course... | Article | GameCube


Hard4Games Writes Katawa Shoujo: A New Form Of Torture

1152 days 10 hours ago - "If I’ve learned anything from this journey, it’s that some concepts should not be translated into books, films, music, or games. Many stories work... | Opinion piece | PC


Hard4Games Review: Legend of Grimrock

1134 days 5 hours ago - Inspired by classic dungeon-crawls such as Might & Magic, Eye of the Beholder, and Ultima Underworld, Legend of Grimrock is a rare occurrence in to... | Review | PC


Hard4Games writes: The Wonderful World of Spelunky

1181 days 6 hours ago - You know what we needed back in the 8-bit days? Freedom, and I mean balls-to-the-wall level freedom; the ability to ignore the princess’ cries for... | Opinion piece | PC


Hard4Games: The Excitement Of Masochist Gaming & Jamestown

1139 days 16 hours ago - Hard4Games' Ric has a brief chit-chat about the insanity of punishingly difficult games before playing a punishingly difficult game, shown on video... | Video | PC


Hard4Games Writes Nostalgia Blues: Final Fantasy VII

1164 days 17 hours ago - "If you haven’t already figured out by now (unless this is your first article you’ve read of mine), I tend to lean towards the past more than the p... | Opinion piece | Culture


Hard4Games writes: Why Diablo II Rocks & Why Diablo III May Or May Not

1145 days 12 hours ago - A breakdown regarding the upcoming release of Diablo III and its features that Blizzard has shown. Will it be as fantastic as Diablo II? Here's to... | Opinion piece | PC


Hard4Games: Silent Protagonists & You

1176 days 16 hours ago - "So I was bored the other night and installed another game I snagged from the Steam winter-sales that I haven’t touched yet: Metro 2033. I won’t ta... | Opinion piece | Culture


Hard4Games BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 (Satellaview) + MODE 7 Review

1150 days 1 hour ago - Hard4Games rocks the Broadcast Satellite sequel to the original F-Zero for the SNES/Super Famicom. The video review features a look at MODE 7 as we... | Video | Retro


Hard4Games: Gunstar Heroes

1131 days 3 hours ago - Hard4Games takes a look back at a classic blast-processing title from the 16-bit era: Gunstar Heroes. | Video | Retro


Hard4Games: Top 10 Worst DLC & Paid Services In Games

1178 days 13 hours ago - "I miss expansion-packs in games. I know they’re still around, but they seem less significant now with the amount of downloadable content seen with... | Opinion piece | Culture


Nostalgia Blues: E3 Press Conferences

1079 days 5 hours ago - Hard4Games' Ric offers his own opinion about the various faults behind the latest E3 Press Conferences, covering the ways that they could have ente... | Opinion piece | E3

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