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Hamsterfist Review of Zombie Apocalypse

1918 days 19 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Zombie Apocalypse is a brand spankin' new twin stick shooter available for download via the PSN or Xbox Live. It combines my... | Review | 1,2


Hamsterfist The Beatles Rock Band Review

1926 days 22 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Being a huge Rock Band fan and a huge Beatles fan, The Beatles Rock Band was a no brainer for me. I only regret not picking... | Review | 1,2,3


Hamsterfist Review of Wolfenstein

1941 days 22 hours ago - Review Excerpt: "Bj's BACK!!!!!!!! And I'm kinda let down...........Really I am. Let me first say that I can even count the times I've... | Review | 1,2


Hamsterfist Review of Batman: Arkham Asylum

1945 days 19 hours ago -'s VampHuntD reviews Batman: AA. Excerpt from Review: " Batman fans have been waiting for a game that truly define... | Review | 1,2


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Hamsterfist Review of Shadow Complex

1949 days 10 hours ago - provides a quick review of the Xbox Live downloadable game, Shadow Complex. | Review | 2

10° Review of

1954 days 21 hours ago - Has Hamsterfist lost his mind? Perhaps but here goes a review of the almighty You can tell where this is going right? excerpt:... | Review | 11

240° Review of Fat Princess

1955 days 22 hours ago - Not much to say here, besides the fact that Hamsterfist takes his unique view of Fat Princess and offers a quick review. excerpt "Is Fa... | Review | 1

10° Review of Ghostbusters

1961 days 19 hours ago - So you thought the demo was terrible? So did Hamsterfist, but he thought that the game was actually ok. Nothing special, nothing to run to the st... | Review | 1,2

10° Review of Killzone 2

1973 days 14 hours ago - Killzone 2 quick take review by As usual just a twitter style take review on Killzone 2. | Review | 1,11

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