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The Top Types of Gamers

2257 days 17 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "There are many different types of gamers, believe it or not. Yes, it so happens that humans do come in many distinct s... | Article | 11


An Attack on Gaming

2260 days 12 hours ago - Article Excerpt: Did you just read that headline correct? Yes, you are on a gaming enthusiast site and yes I am going to rip into our favorit... | Article | 11


A Crusade: Finding the Fix for the YLOD

2266 days 11 hours ago - VampHuntD writes "I've been waiting to write this not to protect the guilty, but because I'm a reasonable person and I've given several chance... | Article | 1


Flame Bait vs Opinion

2266 days 12 hours ago - Article excerpt: "I have noticed an interesting trend when posting opinions regarding games and consoles. If the opinion is not agreed u... | Article | 11


See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Xbox Live: Overpriced

2267 days 10 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "During a couple of my last posts I had written about how Xbox Live is over priced, but never offered too much of an exp... | Article | 2


Top Myths About the 360 and its Owners

2271 days 7 hours ago - Article Excerpt: 'You Lie' suddenly rang out in the chamber hall, who had dared to yell such a thing? Why none other than the Congressman Joe... | Article | 2


Top Myths About the PS3 and its Owners

2272 days 9 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "In the close to three years since the PS3 has launched, there have been numerous myths floating around about the system... | Article | 1


Top Ten MUST Buy Games of the Fall

2273 days 11 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "This fall is going to see a glut of fantastic games. What is most impressive is the diversity of genres that are going... | Article | 1,2,3,4


Why You Should Support Small Gaming Sites

2274 days 15 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "In honor of today being Labor Day, I thought we would take a look at all the hard working men or women of small gaming... | Article | 11


I Heart the XMB

2278 days 8 hours ago - Article Excerpt: "As of late I have been accused of promoting nothing but negative news towards the PS3 and particuallary the 3.0 update.... | Article | 1


The Balance of Power, EA and Activision have it all.

2280 days 8 hours ago - Story Excerpt: "The history of publishers/developers versus the console manufacturers has been one of cooperation and obstruction. It has... | Article | 11


Get Your Loved One to Game

2285 days ago - Article Excerpt: "For those of us gamers that actually have interests outside of our parent's basements, getting your significant other t... | Article | 11


Signs You're an Aging Gamer. (Face it you're old grandpa)

2288 days 14 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Sure you play games that are rated M, for mature. But does that make you a mature gamer? I think not. There happen... | Article | 11


Fanboys: A Thesis

2290 days 7 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "While there is no doubt that fanboys have been around since the beginning of time (Rocks are better the Stones.),... | Article | 1,2,3


PS3 Slim Too Late But NOT Too Little

2292 days 7 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Within of second of the PS3 Slim being announced the clicking of keys could be heard echoing throughout the intern... | Article | 1


My Trip to GameStop, a Traders Remorse

2294 days 10 hours ago - Have you ever traded a game in and been ripped off? Hamsterfist takes a trip to GameStop and actually feels like they have changed their ways. Ha... | Article | 11


Have you ever stopped gaming?

2295 days 10 hours ago - Today Hamsterfist shares how there was a time he stopped gaming. Also how with time Hamsterfist learned to appreciate other game genres and get ba... | Article | 11


Top Five Reasons to Own a Wii

2296 days 8 hours ago - Here is the final part in the three part series at Ok, so Hamsterfist could only come up with five reasons to own the Wii, as oppo... | Article | 3


Top Ten Reasons to Own a PS3

2299 days 16 hours ago - As promised yesterday, here is part 2 of the 3 part special. Today on is the Top Ten Reasons to Own a PS3. See no fanboyish bias... | Article | 1


Top Ten Reasons to Own a 360

2300 days 6 hours ago - comes up with the Top Ten reasons to own a 360. What did they miss? Tomorrow will be the Top Ten reasons to own a PS3 and Friday... | Article | 2


See what games are coming out in 2016

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