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We think we know who the 5th Ultra Street Fighter IV character is

765 days 19 hours ago - It seems the mystery behind the unannounced 5th Ultra Street Fighter character is over, as the folks over put 1 and 1 together to uncov... | Opinion piece | PC


5 reasons why Street Fighter X Tekken failed

1313 days 14 hours ago - It is no secret that Capcom’s latest fighting game did not succeed in winning the hearts and minds of fighting games enthusiasts. Although the game... | Opinion piece | PC


Should Fans Start To Worry About The Street Fighter V Story Mode?

57 days 12 hours ago - Ever Since Capcom has hinted that Street Fighter V will have a Story Mode, fans have patiently awaited any new info or glimpse at what this mode mi... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 characters in line for the 5th Ultra Street Fighter IV mystery fighter spot

875 days 17 hours ago - Capcom took the world by storm when they announced Ultra Street Fighter IV, the next update to the more than popular SFIV. The company revealed tha... | Opinion piece | PC


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Five Fighting Games Things Gamers Want to see From today’s Playstation Experience

66 days 20 hours ago - Sony’s Playstation Experience will kick off in few hours. Fans around the world are anticipating new announcements and features regarding their fav... | Opinion piece | PS4


10 things we want to see in the upcoming second Season of Mortal Kombat Legacy

1300 days 8 hours ago - The Mortal Kombat Legacy series is getting a second season! While the first series had its share of criticism, it was still the best Mortal Kombat... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


10 things that must happen in the next Mortal Kombat Movie

1590 days 12 hours ago - A new MK movie is in active development, for a 2013 release, with MK Legacy’s director Kevin Tancharoen. The joy however is mixed with fears, even... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 Reasons Why Street Fighter Assassin's Fist is going to rock

881 days 19 hours ago - The talented actor and Martial artist, Joey Ansah (Desh from the Bourne Ultimatum movie) is hard working on the first tv/web adaptation of Street F... | Opinion piece | Culture


Upping Your Game: Let’s Talk About Street Fighter Characters, Pt. 1

889 days 6 hours ago - With the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV in the moderately near future, it is expected that an influx of new players who may have been brought i... | Opinion piece | PC


Upping your fighting Game: The Plateau Effect

896 days 7 hours ago - ‘Plateauing’ is the feeling that you have reached your peak of performance, and no matter what you do, you just cannot seem to improve. While in ph... | Opinion piece | Culture

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