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The Painful Experience of Waiting for the Release Date for Star Wars: The Old Republic

1454 days 14 hours ago - writes: "Waiting for a game that you are highly anticipating to come out is one thing, but waiting for that game’s release date to b... | Article | PC


The Quiet Before the Storm: The Impending Flood of Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

1463 days 5 hours ago - writes: "If there has been one consistent thing that Bioware has done with the Mass Effect series it has been that they love to spoi... | Article | PC


Is the Industry really ready for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

1554 days 1 hour ago - writes: "When Mass Effect 1 came out, there was this shakeup within the RPG genre as it really revolutionized the Action-RPG format.... | Article | PC


Fan Service: Does it help or hurt a game?

1561 days 3 hours ago - writes: "Simple question, does fan service help or hurt a videogame? When I mean fan service, I mean when developers add elements in... | Article | Culture


SMITE World Championships LIVE January 9th to 11th

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The Road to E3 2011: The Grind Begins

1563 days 1 hour ago - writes: "See the thing about E3 that a lot of readers do not know understand is the behind the scenes workings of E3. Most readers d... | Article | Culture

Losing my MMO Virginity to Star Wars: The Old Republic

1579 days 9 hours ago - writes: "The thing with Star Wars: The Old Republic that it is a PC MMO game, which is using assets from a game that was predominate... | Article | PC


What to do first in Halo: Reach – Campaign or Multiplayer?

1698 days 10 hours ago - When you get your copy of Halo: Reach next week, which mode will you dive into first? Campaign or Multiplayer? Both modes will offer hours of great... | Article | Xbox 360


Do Developers & Publishers consider professional reviews as their only true analysis?

1715 days 1 hour ago - When it is time to analyze a game, do the developers run through the large website’s/magazine reviews and take those as reference and totally ignor... | Article | Culture


Women in Gaming: Using Exploitation for Personal Gain

1718 days 10 hours ago - There are many respectful female figures in the videogame industry, however the more popular female figures tend to be the ones who play up their s... | Article | Culture


The Medal of Honor Controversy: A View from Both Perspectives

1720 days 12 hours ago - Since the Fox News special, Medal of Honor has quickly become under heat because of the ability to play as the Taliban in multiplayer. With that be... | Article | PC


Angry because Jamie Foxx is playing “Lynch” in Kayne & Lynch movie?

1723 days 12 hours ago - So it would appear that not everyone is happy that Jamie Foxx, an African-American Academy Award Winner, will be playing the character of "Lynch"j,... | Article | Culture


3 Reasons why Halo: Reach has to Outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops

1726 days 9 hours ago - With approximately a month before the release of Halo: Reach, Bungie is ready to unleash their last and final installment to the Halo Franchise & s... | Article | Xbox 360


Is Bioware now focused more on profit than innovation?

1738 days 17 hours ago - Is Bioware, the studio that we've came to see as innovators and free thinkers within the industry now just another profit seeking development studi... | Article | Industry


The Future of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC – Is there one?

1739 days 11 hours ago - Will we ever get a DLC that features new maps, weapons, items, and vehicles for Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Or is the VIP Map packs and Onslaught m... | Article | PC


Do Star Wars fans respect LucasArts? Or do they just tolerate them?

1747 days 11 hours ago - Do you ever wonder if Star Wars fans really respected LucasArts? Or instead did they just tolerate LucasArts because they are the only publishers c... | Article | Culture


Activision has no sense of reality: Call of Duty is NOT this generation’s Star Wars!

1748 days 16 hours ago - Activision is a company that is beginning to get way ahead of themselves and for them to come out and say Call of Duty is this generation's Star Wa... | Article | Industry


2 Things Dragon Age 2 must have in order to succeed

1758 days 13 hours ago - There are two things that many gamers hated about Dragon Age: Origins in which they are expecting. These two items are improved graphics and high q... | Article | PC


Videogame Bloggers needs to understand their role in the industry

1785 days 5 hours ago - Videogame Bloggers can have a special impact on videogame culture and the videogame industry. However, many bloggers do not understand what their r... | Article | Culture


Darkside of the Industry: Attending E3 2010 – Part II

1791 days 12 hours ago - Attending E3 may seem like a dream to many, but once you have been confirmed to attend the show, all of the other stuff you didn't think about befo... | Article | Culture


Sony cares more for their fans than Microsoft

1793 days 15 hours ago - With the great amount of success the Xbox 360 had this generation, it has given Microsoft a false sense of security and thus, the big head. SCEA, w... | Article | Xbox 360


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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