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Modern Warfare 3 could sell more than Battlefield 3 and DICE/EA could still be the victor

1564 days ago - writes: "The reason why I make such a bold statement is because I believe this is a heavy weight fight that will not see the victor... | Opinion piece | PC


Why are gamers who play as snipers selfish players?

1569 days 11 hours ago - writes: "What is it about the sniper rifle that produces selfish attitudes within a player who would otherwise be helpful to their t... | Opinion piece | PC


IGN Believes having a black protagonist is going too far

1570 days 6 hours ago - writes: "Now I would not go as far as to say that Anthony Gallegos is a racist, but it does seem to be odd that he had to dedicate a... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Painful Experience of Waiting for the Release Date for Star Wars: The Old Republic

1573 days 9 hours ago - writes: "Waiting for a game that you are highly anticipating to come out is one thing, but waiting for that game’s release date to b... | Article | PC


The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

Death of the RPG: A Generation Clash?

1575 days 19 hours ago - writes: "I have this innate feeling that 10 years from now, outside of MMOs, the RPG genre will cease to exist. As the videogame ind... | Opinion piece | Culture


Did People vote for Petyon Hillis or did they just vote against Michael Vick?

1581 days 7 hours ago - writes: "However the point I would like to make is the good ole is the glass half empty or is it half full debate. Peyton Hillis won... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Quiet Before the Storm: The Impending Flood of Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

1582 days ago - writes: "If there has been one consistent thing that Bioware has done with the Mass Effect series it has been that they love to spoi... | Article | PC


IGN's Hilary Goldstein needs to lay off of the Michael Vick hatorade

1594 days 10 hours ago - GameZenith writes: "The man can have his opinions, but that does not mean that I cannot call him out on them. Seriously, what is up with Mr. Goldst... | Opinion piece | Culture


Lets Be Honest: Duke Nukem's Capture the Babe mode IS Offensive

1606 days 20 hours ago - writes: "Some would say that Duke Nukem has always been a franchise that was very macho and always featured women in a sexual manner... | Opinion piece | PC


Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Laughable Jedi Consular Class

1618 days 7 hours ago - writes: "....if you are playing as a male Jedi Consular, then be prepared to have one of the worst costumes out of all of the classe... | Opinion piece | PC


What Dragon Age 2 says about the Gaming Industry

1628 days 17 hours ago - writes: "Getting straight to the point, the videogame industry needs an enema, they need a serious wake up call; something really ne... | Opinion piece | Culture


Are PC Gamers the "Hipsters" of the gaming community?

1638 days 5 hours ago - writes: " I have always noticed this degree is elitism imbedded in the PC Gaming community. As console gaming becomes more and more... | Opinion piece | Culture


Does the Call of Duty fanbase even care about Battlefield 3?

1640 days ago - writes: "By now you have probably been saturated to the core with the coverage of DICE’s Battlefield 3 the past few weeks. At this p... | Opinion piece | PC


Blacks in the Videogame Industry - Where are the leaders?

1663 days 15 hours ago - writes: "What African-Americans need is for someone to gain popularity within the videogame industry who is not afraid of making the... | Opinion piece | Culture


Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Key Strength - It's Music

1666 days 10 hours ago - writes: "...What is most important though, is the consistency of music that Eidos Montreal has been using in their trailers. Maybe I... | Opinion piece | PC


Console version of Battlefield 3 = Poor Man's version of Battlefield 3

1667 days 12 hours ago - writes: "As a console gamer who hasn’t played a PC Battlefield game since Battlefield: 1942, I have to admit it that it is appearing... | Opinion piece | PC


Where is auto save when you need it?

1670 days 6 hours ago - One of the most frustrating things about videogames is when the auto save never works in your advantage. Being completely immersed into a game, you... | Opinion piece | Culture


Is the Industry really ready for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

1672 days 20 hours ago - writes: "When Mass Effect 1 came out, there was this shakeup within the RPG genre as it really revolutionized the Action-RPG format.... | Article | PC


Mass Effect 3 needs and epic chorus song

1678 days 11 hours ago - writes "On my way back from school I was listening to the tail of the song titled H.A.M. by Kanye West & Jay Z. It was then when it... | Opinion piece | PC


Fan Service: Does it help or hurt a game?

1679 days 22 hours ago - writes: "Simple question, does fan service help or hurt a videogame? When I mean fan service, I mean when developers add elements in... | Article | Culture


Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post

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