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Star Citizen – The Cult, The Criticism and The Journey So Far - Games Fiends Opinion

559 days 11 hours ago - Adam from Games Fiends writes: For many people, it started with this one video. For many others, it had been months or even a year of slowly bui... | Opinion piece | PC


Sony press conference: Game over for Microsoft or just over hyped?

899 days 5 hours ago - GamesFiends' staff writers have a candid chat about the Sony press conference and the news about Xbox One in a series of conversational emails thre... | Opinion piece | PS4


XBox One - A PR Disaster In The Making

922 days 3 hours ago - Games Fiends writes: "I gotta vent… I wanted to write an article but I’m WAY too tired to do that. I have a massive WTF screaming through my hea... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Embrace the Hype: Predictions For The Xbox Reveal Event

922 days 14 hours ago - Whether you’ve got the event marked on no less than six different calendars and a killer party planned, or you’ve been acting all hipster cool like... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Bioshock Infinite – An analysis of the story and ending

967 days 15 hours ago - Games Fiends' own Zeth takes a look at one of the most intriguing endings in pretty much any video game to date. Check the theories and wild suppo... | Opinion piece | PC


The Conversion – Switching from Console to PC Gaming Part II

974 days 18 hours ago - Adam's journey into PC gaming continues as he buys new hardware and learns old lessons | Opinion piece | PC


The Convert – Switching from Console to PC Gaming Part I

986 days 3 hours ago - Adam explans what has brought around his recent decision to spend the next few years focusing on PC Gaming, rather than console gaming. | Opinion piece | PC


The Sim City Situation

997 days 5 hours ago - This week, the team takes a look at all the buzz over the recent reviews of Sim City. Is questioning the validity of reviews simply because they we... | Opinion piece | Culture


Discontented: The Barren Release Landscape

1005 days 16 hours ago - Winter. Sure, it’s a time of frosty winter nights; hot cocoa and nestling in front of a warm fire; fuzzy socks and your favorite sweater. All that’... | Opinion piece | Culture


A View On GRID 2

1016 days 19 hours ago - There are two things that Codemasters do really well. One of them is racing games, and the other is sequels to racing games. This is the latter. | Opinion piece | PC


Love Hurts: The Games That Broke Our Hearts

1018 days 10 hours ago - This Valentine’s Day, we’re holding a grudge. Sure, it’s easy to wax poetic about the best of the best, the games we adore. From Fable III to Mass... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Winter of My Discontent

1021 days 11 hours ago - Remember back in October and November looking forward to all the games that were coming out in the third quarter? All kinds of discussions were flo... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Next Xbox: Rumors Abound

1026 days 11 hours ago - Let’s debate! Games Fiends writes, "As with anything so highly anticipated, rumors abound lately about both Microsoft’s and Sony’s soon to be an... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Gaming the Dry Spell

1029 days 16 hours ago - Let’s face it, this time of year isn’t the most exciting time for new game releases, and it’s a good thing too, cause we’re all to broke from the h... | Opinion piece | Culture


Games That Disappointed in 2012

1046 days 4 hours ago - Games Fiends writes: Games that disappointed in 2012 should be a fairly short list. Surely we’ve come to expected the odd stinker. The slew of “... | Opinion piece | PC


Was 2012 the year downloads ruled the roost?

1046 days 4 hours ago - Games Fiends writes: 2012: The year downloads ruled the roost? Surely not. Surely the big budget blockbusters proved once again that downloadabl... | Opinion piece | PC


Games of 2012 | Games Fiends

1046 days 20 hours ago - GamesFiends writes: Game of the Year 2012, as in every year, is so highly subjective we can’t brin ourselves to choose a single title to rule th... | Opinion piece | PC


The Book Dead Space: Catalyst Is Actually Good

1075 days 20 hours ago - writes, "Who would have thought that a book based on a horror/sci-fi video game would be any good? If you’re thoughts were like mi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Think Violent Video Games Are at Fault? Think Again.

1075 days 21 hours ago - writes, "As events unfolded on Friday I wondered how long until the violent act is tied to video games. The answer, sadly, is “almo... | Opinion piece | Culture


It only does everything! Even Bingo?

1083 days 2 hours ago - Games Fiend's Zeth takes a look at where online and community gaming is now and just where the next generation of consoles and PC hardware might ta... | Opinion piece | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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