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Gamersmint Hands On: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1645 days 16 hours ago - GM writes: "Deux Ex holds a close and dear spot in our staff’s hearts, so much so that we went all the way and named it the best game of the past d... | Preview | PC


GM Preview: Gears of War 3 Beta - Does the MP deliver?

1684 days 13 hours ago - Gamersmint: Epic Games finally gets it right with Gears of War 3. They are a much confident team now, delivering two critically acclaimed masterpie... | Preview | Xbox 360


GM Preview: Socom 4: US Navy Seals Beta

1696 days ago - Gamersmint writes: Socom 4 Beta took me by surprise. It was that good. I spent nearly 20 hours in this game online; ranking up to level 20, and it... | Preview | PS3


Killzone 3 Beta Preview- Everything you need to know

1856 days 1 hour ago - Gamersmint: Killzone 3 has received a complete overhaul, Killzone 2 fans will easily notice all the changes and after investing 500 hours in Killzo... | Preview | PS3


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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GM Hands On : Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood Multiplayer Beta

1876 days 19 hours ago - Gamersmint : For the first time in the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, multiplayer is introduced. Initially we were a bit skeptical on the... | Preview | PC


Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days hands on

1950 days 21 hours ago - Gamersmint : Kane and Lynch 2 is the successor to the 2007 game Kane and Lynch : Dead Men. The first game was received warmly by critics but proved... | Preview | PC


Split-Second Demo Impressions

2030 days 16 hours ago - Gamersmint Writes - Ever since Black Rock Studio developed Split Second cropped up on the gaming horizon, interest levels have been pretty respect... | Preview | Xbox 360


Heavy Rain Demo Impressions: Game Noir at its best

2116 days 14 hours ago - Gamersmint Writes: "Is Heavy Rain going to change the face of gaming? Unlikely. However, our recent run through the demo which has just got re... | Preview | 1

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