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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Retrospective

990 days 3 hours ago - I am a thief and a murderer entrusted with the task of saving the world. A task I have distanced myself from for an otherwise weary life. | Article | PC


Competitive Pokemon Handbook – Part 1

1070 days 5 hours ago - Everyone that plays video games nowadays has heard of a little something called Pokemon. When the series made its debut in 1998 on the Nintendo Gam... | Article | GameCube


The Evolution Of Metal Gear Solid Series [Comic]

1078 days 9 hours ago - GamersMint: "Today we’ve a comic depicting the evolution of the popular videogame franchise Metal Gear Solid. It sums up the plot of the popular M... | Article | Culture


Sonic the Hedgehog Turns 20 Years Old Today

1127 days 16 hours ago - SEGA’s super-fast blue skinned wonder Sonic the Hedgehod is celebrating his 20th birthday today. Although, not basking in the glory he once enjoyed... | Article | Xbox 360


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Download Size Of The Free Welcome Back Programme Games

1153 days 4 hours ago - GM: Sony’s recently announced that every PSN user who has had an active account created before the 19th of April, the day when the company took PSN... | Article | PS3


The Most Shocking Events in E3′s history

1161 days 4 hours ago - Gamersmint writes: It’s no secret that the gaming world has witnessed some of the most awe inspiring, most absurd and unexpected announcements at E3. | Article | PSP


Modern Warfare 3 Teasers Analysis – Activision’s Big Plan

1167 days 20 hours ago - Gamersmint: To mark the announcement, they have released not one but four teaser trailers for the game, which contains a LOT of details, although t... | Article | PC


GeoHot still has a way to hack the PS3 and future Sony products

1199 days 4 hours ago - Gamersmint writes: However, this settlement doesn’t permanently restrict Hotz from hacking Sony products, including the PS3 and sharing them with t... | Article | PS3


Guide to add another USB port to PS3

1200 days 7 hours ago - Gamersmint: It's not illegal, but it will void your warranty. PS3 slim's motherboard has the capacity for one more USB port but Sony decided to go... | Article | PS3


What the mystery Playstation Magazine reveal might be

1211 days 5 hours ago - Gamersmint writes: We, at Gamersmint have been doing some digging around and have six games for you, which could be THE game that PSM magazine is t... | Article | PC


Thief: The Dark Project Retrospective

1222 days 16 hours ago - Gamersmint: I have an unusual love for this game. Unusual because, well… it’s a videogame and it has stayed with me for a long, long time. Longer t... | Article | PC


Crysis 2 PS3 demo inferior to other versions

1227 days 18 hours ago - Gamersmint writes: Gamers who have downloaded the recently released PS3 demo of Crysis 2 aren’t pleased. There have been reports from various sourc... | Article | PC


10 Most Annoying Videogame Cliches

1292 days 7 hours ago - Gamersmint: Today, Gamersmint looks back at such annoying/irritating/retarded gaming cliches which has…at some point of time made most of us go mad. | Article | PC


Biggest Commercial Failures Of 2010

1296 days 9 hours ago - Gamersmint: Call it poor marketing, buggy release builds, publishing trouble or simply a bad game, but the following games failed to win gamers’ he... | Article | Xbox 360


Sleeper Hits of 2010, The Best This year Had to offer

1302 days 14 hours ago - GM writes: Gamersmint takes a look at the sleeper hits of 2010, games which didn’t have big marketing budgets or a hype train following it before r... | Article | PC


Epic old games which are still being played online

1337 days 4 hours ago - Gamersmint: Rarely do you see games still packing servers years and sometimes even a decade after its release. But here are some games which puts c... | Article | PC


PS3 exclusives which truly utilized Blu-Ray storage

1342 days 8 hours ago - Gamersmint: Some games today were actually restricted by the 25 GB single layer Blu Ray capacity and had no choice but to resort to dual layer disc... | Article | PS3


Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer analysis: Guns can fire through walls and more

1345 days 8 hours ago - Gamersmint: Square Enix just dropped a new gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human revolution and it reveals quiet a bit of about game’s gameplay mecha... | Article | PC


Most Gorgeous PS3 exclusives that everyone should play

1350 days 5 hours ago - Gamersmint: We all know what the PS3 is capable of, but the following games show what the hardware can really do. Sony didn’t take a 250$ loss on t... | Article | PS3


Most Horrible Games of 2010 that you should never play

1355 days 7 hours ago - Gamersmint: Yes, they stink. These are the most horrible games with some amount of hype behind them to have released in 2010. If you are yet to pla... | Article | PSP


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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