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Halo 5: Guardians - Could Brutes Return in Halo 5

11 hours ago - The Brutes, or Jiralhanae, lived up to their name in the Halo series, but their survival as a species is uncertain leading into the new game. | Video | Xbox One


Batman Arkham Knight: Villains Trailer Breakdown

14 hours ago - This is a video breaking down the recent 'Gotham is Mine' trailer, scene by scene. | Video | PC


Halo 5 Guardians: Beta Feedback Changes, Release Date Speculation

13 days 21 hours ago - Gameranx writes:"We have new information on Halo 5 Guardians, thanks to these videos from HaloFollower. You can subscribe to them on YouTube here." | Video | Xbox One


Watch Homeworld: Remastered at 4K Resolution

15 days 2 hours ago - "Homeworld looks great at beyond HD resolutions." | Video | PC


Warner Bros. Unveils The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine”

Now - The official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine” - has been unveiled by Warner Bros. | Promoted post

Kingdom Hearts 3: Theories Concerning Xehanort’s Keyblade

15 days 20 hours ago - Some pretty interesting ideas regarding the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3. | Video | PS4


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Magazine Scans Reveal Fireball Jutsu

15 days 20 hours ago - If you’re familiar with the ever-popular Naruto anime, then you’ll probably know that there is a game series accompanying it. This comes in the for... | Video | PC


The Witcher 3: This 70-Minute Interview Answers Fan-Related Questions

15 days 23 hours ago - A trio of gamers for the “PC RPG Community” Hungarian gaming group managed to score an interview with the Polish developers of The Witcher 3, who p... | Video | PC


Xenoblade Chronicles X Previews: Character Creation, New Los Angeles, And More

16 days ago - Mono Soft updated their site with pages on character creation, field overview, New Los Angeles, the quest board, and Blade. | Video | Wii U


Batman Arkham Knight - BATCAVE Easter Eggs Vehicles & More

16 days 2 hours ago - This is a speculation video on what things Rocksteady can add to the Batcave. | Video | PS4


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Shows Off The Vermillion Peristylium

16 days 15 hours ago - The trailer puts the spotlight on how much the graphics have been improved from the PlayStation Portable original to the PlayStation 4. It also rep... | Video | PS4


Check Out Golden Youth's 'Where's Your Heart Gone' in Simlish for The Sims 4

16 days 16 hours ago - "The indie folk band Golden Youth has put together a video of their popular song Where’s Your Heart Gone for EA’s upcoming The Sims 4 expansion pac... | Video | PC


eSports Personalities Team Up With The White House for Obamacare

16 days 21 hours ago - "The White House has released a video with eSports personalities encouraging Americans to get insured." | Video | Culture


Black Desert Online Episode 2 Trailer Shows Off The Many Locations Of Media Republic

17 days 14 hours ago - The Media Republic is found between Serendia and Valencia. It has four new hunting grounds, three separate regions, and more. | Video | PC


Homeworld Remastered Gets a 'Making Of' Documentary Series

17 days 23 hours ago - "Go behind the scenes with Homeworld Remastered." | Video | PC


Batman: Arkham Knight – Trailer & Screenshot Secrets

22 days 14 hours ago - Offical DC Comics Youtube channel DC Entertainment shares a brief rundown on what to expect. | Video | PC


Rumor: Fallout 4 Announcement Coming In Europe?

27 days 11 hours ago - Bethesda will have a presence in several events in Europe shortly. It's a good time to announce a new game. | Video | PC


Kingdom Hearts 3: Cable Town Art Concept Suggests Core Flowmotion Mechanic

27 days 13 hours ago - Flowmotion may be the first thing you need to learn in the game. | Video | PS4


Battlefield Hardline Gets New Dev Diary, Beta Blog Preview

27 days 21 hours ago - Visceral talks up the challenge of taking over from DICE, and their need for fan feedback. | Video | PC


Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Strikes West, For PS3 And Vita In Q3 2015

29 days 11 hours ago - The mega crossover game of Dengeki Bunko characters promises another easy to learn, hard to master fighting system. | Video | PS3


First Person Lover Releases Free To Spread The Love On PC, Mac, And Oculus Rift

29 days 15 hours ago - Do you remember the teaser last December for a game called First Person Lover? All is finally revealed, as the game is now available, completely f... | Video | PC


N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post
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