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Review: NBA 2K15 | Gameranx

14 days 8 hours ago - Gameranx: "NBA 2K has long been a series with RPG qualities, and for a long time its systems of percentages and dice rolls of a sort were novel and... | Review | PC


Review: Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor | Gameranx

14 days 4 hours ago - Gameranx: "It may not be unfair to say that licensed video games have higher hills to climb to prove their worth, or at least are stigmatized in su... | Review | PC


Review: Alien: Isolation | Gameranx

20 days 5 hours ago - Phil sees a true xenomorph in a video game for the first time. | Review | PC


Civilization: Beyond Earth Review | Gameranx

2 days 3 hours ago - Gameranx: "Immediately upon firing up the game I was transfixed by its striking visuals. Bizarrely beautiful alien life forms dot the rugged green... | Review | PC


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Review: Gauntlet - Old School Fun | Gameranx

25 days 16 hours ago - "Arrowhead brings back Gauntlet, and it’s it’s fun." | Review | PC


Review: Wasteland 2 | Gameranx

24 days 6 hours ago - "The story of the wasteland is not about what you want it to be. It is what it is, static and unchanging. Lately this has seemed a lost concept in... | Review | PC

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