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Gameranx | Attila: Total War

79 days 2 hours ago - Gameranx Overall, Total War: Attila is a solid improvement over its predecessors, and a worthy entry in the long-running series that will no dou... | Review | PC


Review: Life is Strange | Gameranx

117 days 20 hours ago - "Life is Strange is an engaging, quality piece of entertainment." | Review | PC


Review: Dying Light | Gameranx

120 days 20 hours ago - "Techland's latest foray into the zombie apocalypse is well worth playing." | Review | PC


Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | Gameranx

198 days 10 hours ago - Gameranx: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is this generation's premier shooter." | Review | PC


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Civilization: Beyond Earth Review | Gameranx

217 days 20 hours ago - Gameranx: "Immediately upon firing up the game I was transfixed by its striking visuals. Bizarrely beautiful alien life forms dot the rugged green... | Review | PC


Review: Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor | Gameranx

229 days 21 hours ago - Gameranx: "It may not be unfair to say that licensed video games have higher hills to climb to prove their worth, or at least are stigmatized in su... | Review | PC


Review: NBA 2K15 | Gameranx

230 days 1 hour ago - Gameranx: "NBA 2K has long been a series with RPG qualities, and for a long time its systems of percentages and dice rolls of a sort were novel and... | Review | PC


Review: Alien: Isolation | Gameranx

235 days 22 hours ago - Phil sees a true xenomorph in a video game for the first time. | Review | PC


Review: Wasteland 2 | Gameranx

240 days ago - "The story of the wasteland is not about what you want it to be. It is what it is, static and unchanging. Lately this has seemed a lost concept in... | Review | PC


Review: Gauntlet - Old School Fun | Gameranx

241 days 10 hours ago - "Arrowhead brings back Gauntlet, and it’s it’s fun." | Review | PC


Azure Striker Gunvolt - Gameranx Review

273 days 14 hours ago - Azure Striker Gunvolt is a challenging, sometimes brutal adventure that takes cues from the Mega Man Zero series while giving combat a wild new spi... | Review | 3DS


Divinity: Original Sin Review | Gameranx

298 days 13 hours ago - Gameranx says: "Leaning heavily on old-school inspiration has become quite a thing in the video game industry. Retro aesthetics are huge in today’s... | Review | PC


Wolfenstein: The New Order Review | Gameranx

368 days 14 hours ago - Wolfenstein: The New Order is a game for facing your fears and gunning them down. Thanks to great shooting mechanics and characters you care about,... | Review | PC


Bound by Flame Review: A Side-Quest for the RPG Genre | Gameranx

384 days 3 hours ago - Gameranx: "Bound by Flame fumbles on their most recent attempt at role-playing games." | Review | PC


The Elder Scrolls Online Review: Something Less Than Elder Scrolls | Gameranx

410 days 21 hours ago - Gameranx: "Despite all I’ve said sound pretty down on the game, I do have a strange compulsion to continue rolling with it a while longer because... | Review | PC


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review -- So Great Except for That One Part | Gameranx

427 days 13 hours ago - "Phil returns to Sanctuary and wishes he could ask for directions, seriously." | Review | PC


Titanfall Review: More Than Call of Duty With Mechs | Gameranx

437 days 15 hours ago - "Titanfall is more than just a Call of Duty with mechs." | Review | PC


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review -- Still Aged | Gameranx

440 days 14 hours ago - "The updated versions of these PS2 classics look wonderful but don’t do enough to bring the games into the modern era." | Review | PS3


The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 2: A House Divided Review | Gameranx

448 days 13 hours ago - GR said, "The Walking Dead returns to form with "A House Divided," which is one of the most complete episodes to date." | Review | PC


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review: A Retro Return | Gameranx

465 days 18 hours ago - "Retro Studios proves once again they know how to make an old Nintendo franchise shine." | Review | Wii U


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