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Shadow Warrior Adds DirectX 11 Support in Free Update

2 hours ago - "A free update for Shadow Warrior adds DX11 support, Mac and Linux support, and more." | News | PC


Gearbox is Looking for Homeworld Cataclysm's Source Code

19 hours ago - "Gearbox is searching for the source code of the old expansion pack to Homeworld." | News | PC


Pillars of Eternity's Trial of Iron Has a Hidden Surprise if You Try to Cheat

21 hours ago - "Pillars of Eternity's developer has a message for those of you who try to cheat in Trial of Iron." | News | PC


Dead Or Alive 5: Itagaki Questions Why Lisa Has Been Whitewashed

3 days 7 hours ago - Itagaki insists the change is not due to a new lighting engine, as some fans have posited. | News | PC


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Steam Controller Store Page Revealed, $ 49.99, Available November 2015

4 days 16 hours ago - Nothing on the page about the controller's compatibility with OSes outside of SteamOS/Steam Machines. | News | PC


PS4 2.50 Update Corrupts Bloodborne Save Files, So Here's a Fix

4 days 18 hours ago - "Here's a simple way to fix corrupted save files after updating to PS4's 2.50 update." | News | PS4


Batman: Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn DLC Takes Place Before The Main Story

5 days 21 hours ago - "Harley Quinn's story takes place before the main game in Arkham Knight." | News | PC


H1Z1: Daybreak's Penalty For Cheaters Is Harsh - And Hilarious

5 days 21 hours ago - Daybreak’s Brad Wilcox went as far as to remind fans that every time a cheater is kicked out, a zombie takes his or her place. | News | PC


Battlefield Hardline: 1st Premium Event Undelivered, Dev Says Visceral Still Working On It

6 days 22 hours ago - It seems Visceral is still learning how to deal with the support cycle for the game. | News | PC


Dead or Alive 5: Itagaki Gives Advice To Team Ninja On How To 'Save Our DOA'

7 days 16 hours ago - Itagaki continues to be a firebrand after all these years. | News | Xbox 360


Report: WTFast is Bribing Steam Users With Premium Memberships for Writing Positive Reviews

8 days 14 hours ago - "WTFast is attempting to bribe Steam users with premium memberships in exchange for writing good reviews of the product." | News | PC


Bloodborne: Listen To A Full Track From The OST, Cleric Beast

9 days 1 hour ago - As can be expected, the song is a dramatic classical music piece, that seeks to evoke a gothic feel. | News | PS4


Devil's Third: Tomonobu Itagaki's Body Is Ready For E3

9 days 22 hours ago - Itagaki teased that he may be going to E3 this year - because it may finally be time (for what?). | News | Wii U


Dead Or Alive 5: Itagaki Explains To Fans Why He Stopped His Version of DOA5

10 days 12 hours ago - The Devil's Third developer goes back a decade to share with fans his vision of the DOA4 sequel, and why it was abandoned. | News | PC


Batman Arkham Knight: Could Harley Quinn Be On Your Side

10 days 17 hours ago - Based on the details from the Story Pack and the latest issue of the prequel comic, we have reason to believe Harley could actually be working with... | News | PC


H1Z1's Subscription Plans Dropped For Now

11 days 3 hours ago - Gameranx: "Daybreak president John Smedley reached out to tell us that H1Z1's subscription plans have been dropped, for now." | News | PC


Naruto Storm 4: Hanabi Is A Playable Character, Leader Swap, And More

11 days 10 hours ago - Hinata's sister will be playable, so we will see the full extent of her abilities here for the first time. | News | PC


H1Z1 Discreetly Shifting To Subscription Via Battle Royale Monthly Pass, Fans Object

11 days 22 hours ago - The consensus seems to be fans saw it coming, but they pulled the trigger too early, especially with the main game still unfinished | News | PC


Nexon Signs Unreal Engine 4 Deal With Epic Games For Upcoming Games

11 days 22 hours ago - "Nexon's upcoming games will utilize the Unreal Engine 4." | News | Industry


Overlord 3 Teased by Codemasters

12 days ago - Gameranx: "Publisher Codemasters is teasing Overlord 3's announcement." | News | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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