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15 Worst Video Game Deaths. I Can't Unsee These

15 days 1 hour ago - "You’ll have trouble keeping your food down given the viscerality and gruesomeness of the videos within." | Article | PC


6 EA Sports UFC Glitches: #2 Is Beyond Crazy

30 days 12 hours ago - Fans are rapidly finding out that EA Sports UFC is filled with glitches. It seems most of these revolve around errors making the two fighters go fa... | Article | PS4


Diablo 3: List of Legendary Items You Shouldn't Salvage

52 days 3 hours ago - "Here's a list of the legendary gear you shouldn't salvage." | Article | PC


PS4: PSN Price Drop Notification Script Created In Python

55 days 2 hours ago - Check out this nice little lifehack that'll make tracking down those price drops much easier. | Article | PS4


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

What You Missed From The Batman: Arkham Knight "Evening The Odds" Trailer

60 days 1 hour ago - "We’re going through the recent Batman: Arkham Knight trailer and sharing some key details you may have missed." | Article | PC


How To Stream PS4 Games To Your Laptop Or PC

63 days 3 hours ago - "You will be surprised when you find out what enables this little hack. No, it's not Vita TV related." | Article | PC


The Elder Scrolls Online Essential UI Addons Guide

87 days 3 hours ago - A full list of essential mods and UI addons you'll need to improve your Elder Scrolls Online experience. | Article | PC


Super Smash Bros: Here's All The Final Smashes We Know So Far

104 days 8 hours ago - So, do you know all the Final Smashes of all the characters in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U thus far? Here are all the final smashes so far! | Article | Wii U


We Bet You Didnt Notice This About The inFamous Logo

113 days 1 hour ago - Cole and Delsin have stood in different positions in each game's logo to date. | Article | PS3


The Elder Scrolls Online: Minimum vs Ultra Compared -- The Game Looks Gorgeous

114 days 2 hours ago - "The Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the best looking games out right now." | Article | PC


Titanfall: Fix Low Framerates and Stuttering Guide

121 days 2 hours ago - Respawn's patch isn't out yet, but you want to play your game. This guide should help you get things working now. | Article | PC


inFamous: Second Son Easter Eggs List

122 days 23 hours ago - "A list of many easter eggs in inFamous: Second Son." | Article | PS4


Elder Scrolls Online Races, Armor & Bonuses Guide

124 days 3 hours ago - We have the nitty gritty details on what each race uses best, and what bonuses they get. | Article | PC


Dark Souls 2: Weapons and Spells Stats Listed

124 days 23 hours ago - "All of the important Dark Souls 2 cheats regarding spells and weapons can be found here." | Article | PC


Infamous: Second Son Skill Tree Guide

125 days 3 hours ago - "This is a skill tree guide for Infamous Second Son. We’ve focused on the announced powers for this one, and they are all from the True Hero path,... | Article | PS4


Dark Souls 2 Unlimited Items Guide

128 days 23 hours ago - "Here's how you can get every Dark Souls 2 merchant to give you unlimited items." | Article | PC


Halo 5 Multiplayer: What We Know

132 days 20 hours ago - Online play will be a big focus for 343 Industries with Halo 5. | Article | Xbox One


South Park: Stick of Truth Cheats - Hidden Trophies & Collectibles Guide

141 days 2 hours ago - Unlock hidden trophies and find secret collectible items in this South Park: Stick of Truth cheats guide video's for Chinpokolypse, Hide N'Seek, Th... | Article | PC


Dark Souls 2 Starting Class / Customization / Gifts Guide

163 days 6 hours ago - "Take a quick look at the details for starting out From Software's open world action game." | Article | PC


Elder Scrolls Online: Your Questions Answered

179 days ago - Creative Director Paul Sage took time out to answer a lot of questions. | Article | PC


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