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Assassin's Creed Unity: Watch Arno Parkour Through Paris

6 days 9 hours ago - Our Assassin has some smooth moves for navigating above the city streets. | Trailer | PC


Why I'm Convinced Tekken 7 Is Going To PC

4 days ago - GR: There have been hints and rumors for a while now that Tekken 7 might be going to PC. Here, I make the case for why this is not just a possib... | Opinion piece | PC


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exoskeleton Was Introduced Over Two Years Ago

3 days 19 hours ago - The exo-boost mechanic proved to be a "major hit" with Sledgehammer. | News | PC


WWE 2K15 Roster: 20 Confirmed Superstars, Possible Legends Roster?

3 days 5 hours ago - "We can't help looking back at some older tweets and thinking of connecting the dots." | News | PC


Sniper Elite III (PS4) Review

Now - Ken holds his breath and takes the shot with the latest Sniper Elite title. | Promoted post

Super Smash Bros 4 Observations: Balanced Roster, New Advanced Move To Replace Wavedashing

4 days ago - Yes, seriously, if this move stays and proves as effective as promised, it can effectively replace wavedashing as advanced technique of choice. | News | Wii U


You Haven't Seen Anything This Beautiful In CryEngine 3: Star Citizen GIF

12 hours ago - "Star Citizen is shaping up to be a beautiful game." | Image | PC


Assassin’s Creed Unity: Details On Horses, Side Missions

3 days 10 hours ago - The Revolution-era French ride horses, don't they? But Ubi seems to think otherwise. | News | PC

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