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DOOM's New Trailer Revels in 'Glory Kills'

3 days 7 hours ago - "Bethesda has released a new gameplay trailer for id Software's DOOM, which focuses on the game's 'Glory Kills'." | Trailer | PC


Destiny 2.0 Update Mandatory Even If You Don't Buy The Taken King

2 days 21 hours ago - As you might have guessed, whether you buy it or not, the update seems to have The Taken King in it. | News | Xbox 360


Pete Hines Reveals How Fallout 4 Is Going To Be Better Than Skyrim

9 days 15 hours ago - "Passing 20 million units is a high goal, but Bethesda thinks the game is up there." | News | PC


MGS V: The Phantom Pain Pre-Order Deals Flood the Weekend

2 days 5 hours ago - "PC and console pre-orders for MGSV: The Phantom Pain have gone live, with massive discounts." | News | PC


PC Games Still To Come This Month

Now - We're halfway through the hottest month of the year, but there's plenty more PC games still to come, so don't go outside just yet! Let's take a loo... | Promoted post

New Destiny Exotics Revealed by Xûr on Instagram

5 days 9 hours ago - "The Agent of the Nine is beefing up his social media skills." | News | PS4


Metal Gear Solid 5 Japanese Trailer Shows the Rise of Big Boss

12 days 10 hours ago - Watch the rise of Big Boss in this newly released trailer. | Video | PC


Destiny: The Taken King Livestream to Reveal Player Achievement Details

12 days 10 hours ago - You can watch the livestream here. | News | Xbox 360


Halo 5: Guardians ESRB Summary Reveals Tantalizing Plot Details

24 days ago - "Details of Halo 5's plot and gameplay have been revealed in ESRB's summary of the title." | News | Xbox One


Monster Hunter X Gets A New Trailer With New Sword and Shield Video

29 days 11 hours ago - "Check out the Sword and Shield style of combat in Monster Hunter X." | Trailer | 3DS


5 Final Fantasy Fan Theories That Change Everything

2 days 3 hours ago - "Final Fantasy is complex and convoluted - leaving a lot of room for speculation. Here's 5 examples of what fans have come up with!" | Video | PC


XCOM 2 Has Been Delayed

3 days 7 hours ago - "The release of Firaxis's upcoming turn-based strategy game XCOM 2 has been delayed to February 5, 2016. The game, which is slated for release on t... | News | PC


Destiny: The Taken King Launch Trailer Features Space Battles, Led Zeppelin

5 hours ago - "Bungie has released the gameplay launch trailer for Destiny: The Taken King, which will be released for all platforms on September 15th." | Trailer | Xbox 360


NBA 2K16: What Are The Chances Stephen Curry Will Outrank LeBron James?

3 days 6 hours ago - Some fans may dispute this speculation, but the rationale is pretty solid. | News | PC


8 Things the Mad Max Game Needs To Copy From The Movies

3 days 21 hours ago - "We take a look at eight qualities that the Mad Max game could copy from the movies to be more awesome." | Opinion piece | PC


Top 9 Best Pirate Games: Best On The High Seas

3 days 3 hours ago - "Arr me hearties! You'll find the best pirate-themed games on the high seas of the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. Here's some of the booty." | Opinion piece | PC


Steamboy, Portable Steam Console, Resurfaces As SMACH Zero In Gamescom

21 days 12 hours ago - Fans still don't know to believe if it's real, but this can do very well with the niche that already pays through the roof for PC games. | News | PC


What is Mass Effect Andromeda - Info & Theories

20 days 17 hours ago - Gameranx has theories on the timeskip, why Andromeda, and why N7 is in there. This video also serves to recap everything Bioware has revealed so far. | Video | PC


Quantum Break Cast Announcement Trailer Revealed

20 days 16 hours ago - Shawn Ashmore hosts the brief trailer, playing the lead character Jack Joyce. | Trailer | Xbox One


Rumor: Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Asian Version Missing Some DLC

19 days 15 hours ago - Incredibly, WB Games' own communication implied they never even offered the skins. | News | PS4


Mad Max's Magnum Opus Vehicle Brought to Life

5 days 9 hours ago - "The Magnum Opus vehicle from Avalanche Studios soon-to-be-released open world Mad Max game has been re-created in real life, with the development... | Video | PC


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

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