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GTA 3 Safehouse Spotted In Grand Theft Auto 5

1 day 16 hours ago - Of course, Rockstar adds references like this to their games all the time. | News | PC


EA Announces Shutdown of Free-to-Play Games

5 days 8 hours ago - "EA's free-to-play titles are shutting down in 90 days." | News | PC


Top 10 Most Controversial Scenes In Games

28 days 16 hours ago - "Video games are largely free of controversy--you won't find any in Pokemon or Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate by a long shot--but there are a number of... | Opinion piece | PC


Mortal Kombat X Has Shaky Launch; Region Lock On PS4, Steam Issues, And DLC

6 days 17 hours ago - The Easy Fatalities DLC is particularly irksome when other games offer simplified inputs for free. | News | PC


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Rumor: SteamOS Locked Out By Windows 10 Secure Boot Rules

29 days 16 hours ago - Consumers may not have the choice to dual boot their computers to Windows 10 or SteamOS anymore. | Rumor | PC


GTA 5: PS3 vs PS4 vs PC Comparison & New Screenshots

7 days 17 hours ago - The team that worked on the GTA 4 PC port swear they learned their lesson then, and it shows. | News | PC


Dead Or Alive 5: Itagaki Questions Why Lisa Has Been Whitewashed

23 days 3 hours ago - Itagaki insists the change is not due to a new lighting engine, as some fans have posited. | News | PC


PS4 2.50 Update Corrupts Bloodborne Save Files, So Here's a Fix

24 days 14 hours ago - "Here's a simple way to fix corrupted save files after updating to PS4's 2.50 update." | News | PS4


Star Wars Battlefront 3: EA Teases AT-AT Walker

25 days 19 hours ago - The AT-AT walker battles in Hoth may be one of the most recreated scenes in Star Wars video games. | Video | PC


Fallout 4: Fallout Assets Found in Skyrim's Creation Engine

6 days 14 hours ago - GR - "Fallout 4 is in development. That much is not debatable. However, the methods and such surrounding its creation is still the topic of much co... | News | PC


GTA 5 4K Gameplay Looks Stunning

6 days 9 hours ago - You will also note the seamless transition between cutscene to gameplay and back. | Video | PC


Bloodborne's Best Starting Armor Location Revealed

23 days 5 hours ago - There's a new video showing you where to find the best armour early in the game, which makes Bloodborne's first two boss fights significantly easie... | Video | PS4


Top 10 PlayStation Facts & Secrets That'll Blow Your Mind

9 days 18 hours ago - "We're betting that you probably haven't heard of half the things on this list." | Video | PS2


Bloodborne: Here's What Happens When You Take Off Your Blood-Soaked Gear

20 days 19 hours ago - "Bloodborne has a hidden feature: persistent blood effects." | Image | PS4


Dead Or Alive 5: Itagaki Explains To Fans Why He Stopped His Version of DOA5

30 days 8 hours ago - The Devil's Third developer goes back a decade to share with fans his vision of the DOA4 sequel, and why it was abandoned. | News | PC


Tekken 7: Harada Asks Fans To Calm Down, No TRO On Josie Rizal

17 days 19 hours ago - Tekken 5 developer Katsuhiro Harada is now calling for calm from fans still riled up about Josie Rizal, as the NCCA, the Philippines de facto cultu... | News | Arcade


Top 7 Best Sci-Fi Games of 2015

14 days 15 hours ago - "These are our most anticipated sci-fi games of 2015 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One." | Opinion piece | PC


Dead or Alive 5: Itagaki Gives Advice To Team Ninja On How To 'Save Our DOA'

27 days 12 hours ago - Itagaki continues to be a firebrand after all these years. | News | Xbox 360


Star Wars Battlefront (3) Exclusive Gameplay Breakdown & Narration

1 day 20 hours ago - This video spoils the contents of the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer, and includes details from a private preview. | Video | PC


The Division New Gameplay/ Story Details: Faction Cleaners & New Release Date Rumoured

24 days 19 hours ago - The Cleaners may switch alliances with or against you throughout the events of the game. | Video | PC


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