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Splatoon Really Going Esports: Squidboards Announces Ink Or Sink Testfire

16 hours ago - The community over at Squidboards is already preparing their inaugural tournament, that will help determine the future of the game as a competitive... | News | Wii U


Star Wars Battlefront: EA May Announce New Hero at gamescom

2 days 7 hours ago - "DICE appears to be on the verge of announcing a new hero character for Star Wars Battlefront, most likely at gamescom next week." | News | PC


Mega Man Vinyl Collectibles from Kidrobot Look Plastic Fantastic

2 days 7 hours ago - They're plastic and they're fantastic, but these are definitely not Barbies. | News | Culture


WonFes 2015 Loaded With Metal Gear, Nintendo, Persona, And Fighting Game Figures

2 days 7 hours ago - The amount of video game related toys this year is staggering. | News | Culture


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Fallout 4's Boston Setting Was Determined Before Skyrim Entered Development

2 days 7 hours ago - Fallout 4's setting of Boston, MA was decided long before Skyrim was released. | News | PC


Razer Acqusition Ends Ouya Platform, Indie Devs Claim Support Has Been Cut Off

3 days 8 hours ago - Some Free The Game Fund games still in development are adversely affected. | News | Android


Devil's Third Famitsu Interview Gets Official Translation: Gekken, User Friendliness, And More

5 days 3 hours ago - Partnering with Nintendo allowed Valhalla to keep working on the game while staying intact. | News | PC


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Story A Clean Break, Play As Male/Female Blank Slate

5 days 3 hours ago - You do not even have a prepared background for your character. | News | PC


Destiny: The Taken King's Armory Teased By Bungie

5 days 14 hours ago - The newest expansion boasts of the largest armory, exceeding what the game launched with. | News | Xbox 360


Submerged Has No Combat, And It's Pretty Refreshing

5 days 15 hours ago - With a beautiful open world and a soothing soundtrack, why would you want to rush through this? | Video | PC


Street Fighter 5 Beta NA Test Ends Favorably, Capcom Confirms Launch Was Worse Than Expected

6 days 3 hours ago - Capcom is slowly working through the issues to get functionality up and running. | News | PS4


Splatoon Going Esports? Team Matchmaking Coming, New Map Revealed

6 days 3 hours ago - Fans can’t seem to decide if Splatoon is ready for eSports. | Video | Wii U


Rumor: MercurySteam Teases New Project, Possibly A New Contra Game

6 days 5 hours ago - MercurySteam is positioned well to take over as Konami’s lead studio after Kojima's exit | Rumor | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition Gets New Qun Content In Spoils of the Qunari

6 days 6 hours ago - You can 'borrow' Arishok's armor or ride an armored mount. | News | PC


Rumor: Dragon Quest XI Announcement Coming Next Week

7 days 2 hours ago - A WSJ reporter received an invite for what is called the next installment in the main series. | News | PS4


Devil's Third Will Introduce Microtransactions (And Fighting Over Fruit) To Wii U

7 days 3 hours ago - No word if microtransactions will be available in the single player campaign, but it does seem geared for online multiplayer. | News | PC


Splatoon Rumor: Nintendo Could Be Teasing Playable Octoling

7 days 3 hours ago - Something's fishy about this... | News | Wii U


Monster Hunter Has Speed Dating Events In Japan Hosted By Capcom

7 days 3 hours ago - If you think about it, fans are coming into these events thinking they have other things in common with other MonHun fans. | News | Culture


Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Minion Customization and Co-op Gameplay Explained

7 days 9 hours ago - Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Overlord game. | Video | PS4


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Dev Treyarch Reveals History Of Zombies Mode

8 days 19 hours ago - The fans were always a pivotal part of the mode's success, but it almost didn't get published. | Video | PC



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