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GameBanshee: Divinity: Original Sin Preview

362 days 8 hours ago - Divinity: Original Sin is both a return to roots and, arguably, an attempt to explore new gameplay territories for Larian Studios, including a focu... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Blackguards Preview

403 days 10 hours ago - Blackguards is a turn-based role-playing game from Daedalic Entertainment available through Early Access on Steam. This version includes the first... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Underrail Preview

414 days 11 hours ago - After hammering through the Early Access build of Stygian Software's isometric, turn-based RPG Underrail, GameBanshee has penned a full five-page p... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients Preview

450 days 12 hours ago - Drox Operative was an interesting little game released last year by Soldak Entertainment, the developer behind Din's Curse and Depths of Peril, two... | Preview | PC


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GameBanshee: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Preview

528 days 9 hours ago - Hack-and-slash games are enjoying a bit of a resurgence in the last couple of years, with the likes of Diablo III, Torchlight 2, Path of Exile, Gri... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Grim Dawn Preview

565 days 18 hours ago - It's tradition to set action-RPGs in worlds which are on the brink of destruction, and Grim Dawn's land of Cairn is no exception. Civilization has... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

595 days 12 hours ago - In Van Helsing, you play the son of the Van Helsing character from Bram Stoker's Dracula (or, more likely, the son of the Hugh Jackman character fr... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan Preview

803 days 11 hours ago - With the addition of 400 new quests, 10 more character levels, a new crafting tier, expanded weather effects, dynamic layered instancing and town b... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Drox Operative Preview

894 days 11 hours ago - The folks at GameBanshee have cranked out a two-page, hands-on preview of Soldak Entertainment's action RPG/space simulation crossbreed, Drox Opera... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Torchlight II Beta Preview

957 days 2 hours ago - Now that Runic Games' Torchlight sequel has finally entered its much-awaited beta testing period, GameBanshee took the action RPG for a weekend-lon... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Preview

958 days 1 hour ago - Long-time Dungeons & Dragons Online fans will remember that Turbine was preparing a paid expansion pack entitled Forsaken Lands back in 2006, but e... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Dragon's Dogma Preview

968 days 8 hours ago - Dragon's Dogma is Capcom's first attempt at producing a fantasy open-world action RPG in the vein of recent blockbusters such as The Elder Scrolls... | Preview | Xbox 360


Krater: Shadows Over Solside Preview

994 days 16 hours ago - After being given the opportunity to take a pre-alpha build of Fatshark's Krater: Shadows Over Solside for a spin, GameBanshee shares their thought... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: The Age of Decadence Preview

1006 days 3 hours ago - The Age of Decadence is both an interesting game and story. As the ongoing labor of love by Iron Tower Studio, the long-in-development CRPG has bee... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Confrontation Preview

1012 days 20 hours ago - A hands-on look at Focus Home and Cyanide's miniature-inspired RTS/RPG crossbreed. | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Risen 2: Dark Waters Preview

1034 days 1 hour ago - Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes hooked GameBanshee up with a preview build of Risen 2 last week, and after spending the last several days taking it t... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Mass Effect 3 Preview

1045 days 14 hours ago - If there's a big game release set to turn heads this March, it's Mass Effect 3. Not only does it represent the latest in BioWare's well-regarded sc... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Path of Exile Preview

1069 days 1 hour ago - Path of Exile is an upcoming point-and-click action role-playing game from Grinding Gear Games. It's planned to be a free-to-play title with "ethi... | Preview | PC


GameBanshee: Massive Diablo III Preview and 100 Screenshots

1103 days 19 hours ago - Indulge your demonic side with GameBanshee's new six-page, content-laden preview of Diablo III, courtesy of the game's ongoing closed beta test. Th... | Preview | PC


Larian Studios Status Update

1138 days 8 hours ago - Swen Vincke of Larian Studios provides a lengthy progress update on their upcoming RPG/RTS game, Dragon Commander. | Preview | PC


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