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Xbox One: “In 1080p I Guarantee You Gonna See Me” Fan Promo Video A Must See

874 days 18 hours ago - Not to say that the boys and girls in green aren’t working tirelessly before launch to grab the imagination of gamers worldwide however, recent mar... | Video | Xbox One


Video Comparison : Call of Duty Ghost vs Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Gameplay Video

898 days 4 hours ago - With the recent release of the latest Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer gameplay, we’re back at it again to check out the goods in comparison to ano... | Video | PS4


Guardian Radio Sits Down With Bungie Community Manager DeeJ - Game Insider

966 days 4 hours ago - During our Activision booth visit at E3, we had the privilege of sitting down with Bungie community manager Deej to discuss all things DESTINY. At... | Video | Xbox 360


Pixel Bits: New Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Full Walkthrough

1116 days 8 hours ago - In this latest Pixel Bit associate editor Mark Turcotte goes in-depth with the new weapon crafting features now found in the upcoming Dead Space 3.... | Video | PC


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Watch Over 35 Minutes Of The Full Dead Space 3 Demo In Action

1118 days 8 hours ago - With the early release of the Dead Space 3 demo arriving to the Xbox 360′s select few before the public demo and the games official release set for... | Video | Xbox 360


Torchlight II Is Better Than Diablo III

1229 days 7 hours ago - After traversing the vast and treacherous landscapes of both Diablo III and the recently released Torchlight II, our very own Mark Turcotte has com... | Video | PC


GameInsider: Hitman Absolution E3 Video Impression

1332 days 14 hours ago - Chris Micieli and Patrick Watts recently got some hands-on time with the all-new action thriller starring Agent 47. During their time with Square E... | Video | PC


GameInsider: Elder Scrolls Online E3 Video Impression

1333 days 22 hours ago - The last time we took a stroll down the enchanting road of Elders Scrolls, we were introduced to a little game known as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim whi... | Video | PC


GameInsider: Hawken E3 Hands-On Interview & Gameplay

1334 days ago - During our time at E3, developer Adhesive Games introduced us to their exciting new F2P mech shooter known simply as HAWKEN. Founded on FPS mechani... | Video | PC


GameInsider: Dishonored E3 Video Impression

1334 days 2 hours ago - Dishonored, the new IP from Arkane Studios which is being published by Bethesda was certainly a head turner last week at E3. After some time with t... | Video | PC


GameInsider: Assassin’s Creed III E3 Video Impression

1334 days 20 hours ago - Mark Turcotte and Patrick Watts take in all the sights and sounds of Assassin’s Creed III behind close doors and live to tell about it. Starring le... | Video | PC


GameInsider: Tomb Raider E3 Video Impression

1335 days 13 hours ago - After a 30 minute long demonstration of the upcoming new Lara Croft action adventure, Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics have blown the roo... | Video | Xbox 360


GameInsider: Borderlands 2 Video Impression

1335 days 13 hours ago - After receiving some extensive hands-on time with 2K’s Borderlands 2, Mark Turcotte and Patrick Watts discuss their time with the game as well as s... | Video | PC


E3 2012: GameInsider Arrives @ E3

1343 days 10 hours ago - Currently the gang is partying it up at ‘The Verge’ party event this evening in LA before their hectic E3 schedule really hits the fan which begins... | Video | E3


GameReverb: Why Mass Effect 3′s Co-op Changes The Game

1451 days 11 hours ago - Not that we expected anything less from Bioware, there does appears to be a wealth of staying power with this new feature. While for myself, diving... | Video | PC


Why Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Matters

1460 days 1 hour ago - Ripping through the world of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and many of us are compelled to continue talking about the games amazing and diverse act... | Video | PC


The Death Of The Online Pass

1466 days 17 hours ago - Today we look at the recent uproar over the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’s online pass and what could help end online passes in the future. | Video | Industry


Final Fantasy XIII-2 You’re Our Only Hope

1471 days 23 hours ago - Today the question on the table is whether or not the Final Fantasy name has transcended the games themselves and why they are no longer the main s... | Video | Xbox 360


Little Racers STREET – Now Available on Xbox Indies

1472 days 16 hours ago - Little Racers STREET is a new top-down racing experience offering a whole 3D city with lots of different tracks and enviromental effects, the game’... | Video | Xbox 360


Game Insider: Our Modern Warfare Expert Showcasing His Superior FPS Skills w/ Commentary

1474 days 6 hours ago - Who says gaming writers aren’t really hardcore gamers? Well, for some there is much truth to that statement but here at Game Insider we definitely... | Video | Xbox 360


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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