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Killzone 3 Demo Making The Latest Reviews Seem Unreliable

1259 days 15 hours ago - From complaints that the cut-scenes go black causing too much delay between the action, the dialogue being considered flat and boring with no real... | Opinion piece | PS3


Sony Taking The PS3 Back To The PS2 Glory Days

1321 days 10 hours ago - Remember when it didn’t matter whether or not your PS2 was as technically sound as the original Xbox or Gamecube. All most gamer cared about was co... | Article | PS3


Modern Combat: Domination Better Than The $60 Shooter?

1280 days 14 hours ago - If you’re used to the Modern Warfare controls then you will be right at home. Again we are surprised at how well the game plays for only $8 in comp... | Opinion piece | PS3


Killzone 3: 20 New Single Player Campaign Blowout Screenshots

1293 days 1 hour ago - Can’t get enough Killzone 3 intel, check out the latest images taken from the games recent story trailer which will have you all counting the days... | Screenshot | PS3


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

SOCOM 4: New Assault & Battery Multiplayer Gameplay

1268 days 9 hours ago - Now Zipper Interactive drops this extensive Assault & Battery B-Roll multiplayer footage on us which shows nicely upgraded experience from games li... | Video | PS3


2011 The Year Of The $199 PS3?

1317 days 11 hours ago - For an upcoming year filled with the best the platform has to offer, pursuing the objective of getting the PS3 in as many homes as possible is stil... | Article | PS3


Killzone 3 Beta Feedback: “Enough To Make 6 Killzone Games”

1322 days 10 hours ago - With so many gameplay improvements from fans, Guerrilla Games has mentioned that the game is already in a much better state from what beta testers... | News | PS3


Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells Congratulates Little Big Planet 2 Dev Team

1294 days 15 hours ago - Despite the development competition of achieving the next best gaming experience over their contemporaries, it’s always great to see developers spr... | News | PS3


Sony Re-Introducing Nariko Before New PS4 Game With Heavenly Sword Movie?

162 days 13 hours ago - For years now fans have been begging for the sophmore story of Nariko, however it has been over 7 years since gamers were graced by her presence. C... | News | PS3


Xbox 360 & PS3 Finishing 2010 Closely With Industry Rated Exclusives

1323 days 15 hours ago - Based on the current industry reviews taken from Metacritic, the top 5 most recognizable exclusives from the Xbox 360 and PS3 shows a 1% advantage... | Article | Xbox 360


PS Vita: Your PS3 On The Go…..Literally

885 days 18 hours ago - “You dump 20, 30, 40 hours into a mode, and it’s time to go on a business trip,” Russell said. “You save that file up into a Cloud. Pick up your Pl... | News | PS3


Halo Reach Nominated For 7 VGA Awards

1343 days 14 hours ago - Halo: Reach has been nominated for seven awards. With seven nominations the epic shooter is bound to take home something to make the development te... | News | Xbox 360


Battlefield 3 The New Graphical Powerhouse

1238 days ago - The notion that the Xbox 360 has been tapped out does raise an eyebrow when seeing this latest Battlefield 3 footage. Will the Xbox 360 version of... | Opinion piece | PC


Twitch TV Streaming Enabled For PS4? War Thunder Update Hints at This Possibility

393 days 14 hours ago - At the touch of a button, War Thunder players can now stream directly to their Twitch channel. For optimum presentation, they can customize the qua... | News | PS4


Is Microsoft Placing Too Many Eggs In One Basket?

1359 days 13 hours ago - With the latest releases of two great exclusives in the form of Halo Reach and Fable III, also adding to the equation the new dashboard updates wit... | Article | Xbox 360


SOCOM 4: A Better Experience For The Hardcore Fans

1316 days 12 hours ago - Despite all the MAG updates showered in from Zipper Interactive, the team behind the seal team objective based SOCOM 4, is looking to shake things... | Article | PS3


Killzone 3 Needing A Killzone 2 Touch Up

1205 days 9 hours ago - Recently I jumped on Killzone 2 online and then back onto Killzone 3 online and surprisingly while Killzone 3 offers a clear cut advantage in contr... | Opinion piece | PS3


60fps? Don’t Believe the Hype

349 days 3 hours ago - One should expect a game like Madden Football to play at 60fps because it’s simulating a live sporting event while a game such as HALO or Killzone... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Kinect: Microsoft's Only Hardcore Gaming Option For 2011?

1306 days 14 hours ago - Are Xbox 360 users being forced to purchase the Kinect in order to have great gaming experience in 2011 that as Microsoft has stated “will blow peo... | Article | Xbox 360


G4 Becomes The Official Broadcasters Of E3

1331 days 12 hours ago - G4 and the Entertainment Software Association have announced a three-year deal making G4 the official broadcaster for the Electronic Entertainment... | News | Industry


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